Saturday, June 7, 2008


You can actually ignore this post if you doesn't even care. Thankyouverymuch.

Yah, You boys.
Freaking boys.
No not all the boys, just my friends which are boys.

Seriously, i LOVE to chat with you all.

Like : Awwh i miss her =/
Like : Heeeee, she so kawaii x)
Like : Awwh She's all i want and all i need. =]

Yeah, stop those.
I'm sick of it already.
I mean, Like Daniel/Yik Yau/Patrick talking about their girlfriends. I won't mind, since the girlfriends are either my best friend or I'm a fan of her like Daniel's. Heeee x)
But other of you all, please, get the faeces out of here =_=
You guys makes me SICK!

Stop talking to me about your outings with your girlfriends. It makes me Yeah Yeah *fake laughs*
So, I still entertain you all as in Wow! So nice!? xD Syok lor. But you know when I wants to talk about MY outings, you just give a damn Haha.
What the hell?
You think I'm some kind of a doll?
Get a life, dude.

Some people, they actually "teach" people manners YET they theirselves would use : OI
I HATE people using OI unless is just some kind of play-play type then I won't mind la.
But then, those people using OI and demand people to do something.
Your mother never teach you manners?
If anyone do that to me again, i seriously will BOOM =_=

I'm sorry if people actually HATE my attitude.
Is actually, something that develops since i was young?
I don't really care people who dislike my attitude, because if the people know me well, then they'll know I'm just a person who jokes around lamely.
You want see what's Hak Yan Zhang?
Go surf around and see whose the bitch.
If you think I AM ONE, then you're just so damn wrong.
I lansi? I never understand how you guys define lansi.

Want me to tolerate?
What you expect me to do?
Say 1 i cannot say 2?
This is just wrong.
I'm not a person who knee down on someone.
This is just so evil.
Make a decision without even discussing.
Oh, yeah whatever. Iish