Thursday, June 19, 2008

Treasure Hunt

At first, we wrote our name to represent Choir to join Treasure Hunt. And here comes KPJ which makes us want to represent KPJ MORE than Choir. Amanda and I ended up making a mess and almost couldn't join ANY of the club. But still, in the end we get to represent Choir.

All went outside the Hall and teacher told us those BLAHS again. ~.~! So get the clue and OFF WE GO :D

Went to the lobby, there's a puzzle
A) Jika kapal karam tenggelam, apakah akan ditimbul?
B) Bunga apa akan mati sekiranya disiram oleh air?
C) Hijau dan Hijau, menjadi merah.

Hokey tough ._.
So we ended up answer with stupid answers =X
A) Buih (Don't know who)
B) Bunga Api (Me)
C) Tembikai (Amanda?)

Then the clue was "Rumah kecil saya"

Ran to the Guard House.
Forgot what's the question xD
Clue is something like "Hujan lebat! Cepat beredar dari sini!" yada yada ._.

Ran to the Car Park because that's the place which ALWAYS happen floods xD
We walked down quietly and stay there quietly since we're leading LOL
Fishy eh x)~
The puzzle was just sticking some stuff and all, wasn't hard.
And the clue is similar to "Tempat anak-anak raja dahalu bermain"
Think! Think!! Think!!!

Went to the Sepak Takraw place. (Gladly Wei Jian could think)
-Still in silents just in case other groups knew we are here =X-
Diong and I keep looking for the words while most of the others rest. @@
Diong did most of it since i was tired also and couldn't really concentrate with the paper up side down =_=!
Then we get the clue and it was something to do with knowledge, we ran to the library and made all the librarian went : "HUH????"
So we went to another place...

Ran to the Pondok Ilmu and get the questions.
Those question have something to do like the Penolong Kanan HEM or which state recently won SUKMA etc etc :P
Luckily there's an indian boy who helped us with the SUKMA or not we wouldn't know AT ALL. xD
Amazing, Yu Xin actually ran so far just to find the Abdul Aziz's full name, but unluckily we passed it up already. So is too late. Still, great job =D!
Clue : "Koir berdiri dengan megah di sana"
Isn't it crazy that we're all choir members and they're giving us this type of clues? LOL But is even to everyone soooooo...NGEK :D

Back to outside the hall.
Teacher gave us 9 stick and tell us to make it to 10.
Yee Von and I made the number 10 with the 9 sticks. Teacher said is wrong.
After thinking a while, I, Yes me, Yes Carmen Hor made the word TEN.
Teacher smiles and says is correct :) XD!
Wheee =D

We thought we lost the clue or something because we couldn't see any more new clue.
Then Puan Mastura asked us whether we have 7 clues.
Oh yeah~ Obviously we do~ :P
Then we thought we won (We were the earliest), and everyone went : "Y Y Y Y Y E E E E E E E A A A A A A A A A A H H H H H H H H H H H ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !"
I scream with joy from the bottom of my lungs. HAHA XD
*ahem* Until the part when teacher checked our answers, most of it are wrong (Feck you, teacher!)
But never mind la =) The earliest who reach can get extra 10 marks. FU YOH :D
Persatuan Sejarah & Geografi (2nd to reach) get 2 marks lower than us. NGEK =P
Next, Kelab Pencegahan Jenayah (3rd to reach?) get 6 marks higher than us. WHAT THE HECK?

TOO BAD~ We got extra 10 marks x)
And they only get extra 3 marks~~~

Conclusion : Choir MAYBE win in treasure hunt =D, since we're still confused about the points.

Check it out on Monday's assembly XD

Yes yes, those freaking Mandarin Club criticize us that we can only sing and not think. We SUREEEEEE show them XD
Never underestimate the member of Choir especially those who joined treasure hunt ;p



PS : I get 21/42 in my class. 5A and blahs blahs blahs =X