Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Spelling Bee

You know?
You know?


7:45am, straightly went into the back of the library. Teacher's helpers are all from 2Efektif (My class :P). The first competition was only for the BETTER class. HEH HEH XD! Means only Cekap, Dinamik and Efektif are allowed.

After all the participant came, teacher started explaining about the rules and the game begun :P!

There's 3 round for each participant, each team has 4 participant. Soooo~ I'm the 3rd participant for my group since is following according the name list.

Gawd, The words.are just.so what-the-heck! and you can see, most of the participants are SO nervous including me. =X
Just in coincidence, my words are simple enough for me to answer =P!
*Even though there's 2 round i spelled wrongly =X*
Carmen Chan and Felicity did a great job O_O! Esspecially Carmen Chan, 3 rounds all correct. WOW~~ XD!!!!

When teacher announced the winners, fu yoh, we're all so *SCREAMS!!!*! All of us are just so nervous about the result especially when teacher have the mischievous (learn from shan's blog) look on us *gasp!!!*!

Teacher : "Ok, I'll announced it from the first class which would be Cekap and to Efektif. Cekap, with the points of 9."
(Everyone gasped)
Teacher : *smiles* "Next, Dinamik, 10 points."
(Cekap team was like : Aawwwwhh!!!)
Teacher : "Efektif, *smiles* with 15 points."
(Everyone looked at our team, and there goes the whole library listening the shriek of joy by us due to too many Efektif-er in the library LOL)

Nothing much to post, let's just say, I'm so the excited for winning Spelling Bee in the better class category :D:D:D