Thursday, June 26, 2008


I score 5 A's out of 12 subject.
Yes, not good enough.

You think I doesn't want to get a better result?
I try my best in this exam, okay maybe some of it i didn't try my best.

I know i sucks in language and essays, that's why i try to keep up with others and work on mine.
What you expect, doesn't mean i can absolutely get what you want.

I'm in a better class, you want me to learn from my classmates and study like a nerd freak? No way.
I read story books, not text book.
Text book just sometimes doesn't connect with me, SOMETIMES.
But, I still WON'T study like how the nerds did.

It sucks, whenever they're talking, they just talk about studies.
I hate it.

I thought i got enough from my expectation.

Don't compare me with him.
I know he is smarter than me.
A better school, foundation, environment, brains, brawns.
Too bad i don't.

That's why I got in to this school?
He gets the better school, no idea why.
That's the school I'm hoping for, a long time.
How much i wish i could go there...
And i ended up here.
But I'm glad I'm still one of the tops, but no, they don't appreciate it.

Always asked me whether I need tuition, I say "No".
Why? I'm all by myself.
I can't stand it, Useless, I know.
But imagine I'm sitting all by myself for the whole lesson without anyone to accompany or even talk to.
You think i love it?
I love to talk.

Make friends?
All the girls are sitting at the front sit like nerds.
Fine, I wanted to join them. No more places.
So i try to talk to the boys?
But sometimes still needs a girl around.
Not easy.

Think from my angle please?