Monday, June 16, 2008

My daddy ;)

I thought I didn't want to post about Father's Day, but since everyone lansi their own father in blog. Of course i join in the fun right ;p

My papa :)

My daddy has an amazing knowledge which I desire =)
My daddy has a marvelous cooking skill which I always admire =)
My daddy has a lovely smile that melts my mommy's heart LOL XD
My daddy has a sexy body that everyone jealous HEH HEH HEH XD
My daddy is short and fat which not every normal dad could have it :P

I love my daddy =]

My daddy is the one who always make me laugh like a freak :P

When I'm not really in the mood, daddy always let me watch comedy or take my teddies to make me happy again. :)

Same as Hui Ying's daddy, my daddy also teach me how to drink alcohol so I won't easily get drunk at the world outside.

Daddy always buy me teddy when he's at outstation because he know I got so jealous when I saw the old photos of my brother playing with a HUMONGOUS teddy dog. =D

Daddy also understands me when I doesn't eat breakfast sometimes after i wake up because he also have the same type of tummy. The tummy that couldn't have any appetite in the early of the morning.

When my mommy scold me, my daddy always helps me to pursue my mom so she won't get so mad. xD

My daddy understands me if I didn't get a good result in History too because he has the same result as mine xD.

So daddy, I love you and Happy Papa's Day =D

*When I give my dad his gift,
Dad : Wah! So thick one?! Sure book lei geh!! xD
Me : (Thinking : Damn it!)
-Opening until half-
Me : (Thinking : FREAK HIM!!)
-Finish opening-
Me : Go die la u *Beh song look*