Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Now here comes MY explanation to Daniel for making him waited in the male toilet in the airport for 7 hours straight with full of excitement.

You see, I was there since early in the morning. Like...8AM? I ate my breakfast and went straight to KLIA to join the fun of hide and seek with Daniel, Hui Xian and Shu Teng.

Once I reach, I already saw lots of people waiting for taxis.
You see? My pictures got people 1 wei!! xD

Wow, so many people =/

When i went in, is also full of people. But i didn't take a tour like Daniel did, I went straightly to the OUTSIDE of the toilet like i promised to. Apparently i stand/sit/squad down/lie there like an idiot for 6 hours, no appearance of Daniel, Hui Xian or Shu Teng.

So i thought i leave that place and went for a walk to see where they are.

A better view picture is taken from the upper floor for viewers =]

I even went to the information stand and told them that I'm looking for my fellow schoolmates. They were nice and polite and helped me to announced my problem. I waited at the information stand for at least an hour, no one appear.

So the very emo Kamumalu left the building of KLIA with sadness and misery.

The end :(



PPS :KFC Sucks so much >P