Friday, June 20, 2008

Ghost o_o


Gonna tell all of you the ghost story of SPBT room. NGEK :P! See whether you all still dare to come and borrow books. LOL! Or even come to my blog. =(

The usual 4 (Me, Amanda, Mei Kei, Siew Wei) are in the SPBT room helping teacher out, while helping, obviously we would chat around and do the work.

While chatting, we suddenly talk about the topic of Si Chuan's earth quake. Amanda didn't talk about it because she was concentrating on cutting the polystyrene, she just listen to us.

When i was talking about the story i heard from the donations programmes, I'm having goosebumps. No not the minor ones, is the DAMN SHAKY goosebumps.
I didn't tell anyone o_o, i just continue my story. ~.~

Then suddenly Mei Kei say : "YER! I KEEP HAVING GOOSEBUMPS ONE!!!! =_="
Siew Wei and I : "HAR!?! I ALSO WER O_O"
Amanda : *looks up from the polystyrene* "Huh? -.-?"

So all of us like, got blank for a second. o_o!

Then I couldn't stop the fear in my heart, so I went out from the SPBT room a little while. All of us went out.
Hokey, this is ridiculous but is true hokey =_=!

And from that day onwards, I STILL go to SPBT room and work. MWAHAHAA =D!
I damn brave hokey? XD