Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Family Dinner

"Family dinner Family dinner Family dinner yada yada yada..."

This is ridiculous. Most of the time, I don't enjoy family dinner or gathering. It kinda bored me offs. Despite that either I'm the youngest or the 2ND youngest among the cousins which makes me have nothing NICE to talk to them, the time will actually passed SO long that I will never realize that my 1 hour was only 5 freaking darn minutes!

I hate being with my cousins, I'm not close to MOST of my cousins. The closest I have was Jack or at least Chin Foong (since we're in the same school). Even my parents know that I'm always alone at Family Dinner/Gathering and yet they still MAKE me go there.

I always prefer to go to my father's side family gathering. Always the much more fun since I get to listen to my cousins talking about college life's and all and the fact that at least I have someone to talk to. But I've always HATED to go to my mother's side, despite the fact that I have to call so many uncles and aunties until I doesn't even remember what should I call them every single freaking time, the cousins are also MUCH elder than me as in some are going to marry and most working. It makes me damn alone, especially talking to my freaking-disturbing standard 4 or 5 or 6 cousin.

I couldn't enjoy dinners at all. I would sit there alone and might as well reading my book with my mp3 on so I doesn't have to listen to any of the noises distracting me from my book. Most of the dinner, I don't talk throughout the whole night which makes my mouth stinks.

Overall, I . hate . family . dinners . hokey