Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ok la, I got bored so I'll officially talk about the Sailor's Outing (:

Firstly, welcome Hx to the Sailor Gang~
WHEEE *claps claps* *cheers!*

Ok, done. LOL

Morning, woke up at 8 something.
Bath and breakfast and out =P.
Reached Teng's house early =_=
Daddy and I went rounding first. LOL
Then saw Ying and Yi reach, follow by Xian.
So, all of them come in the car lu.

Inside the car, the back row which is - Them keep talking.
Lol ==
Dad : Womens =_=!
Me : LOOOL!!! XD

Reach Shan's house.
Ying just open the gate. =_= LOL
We're thief family, xD Nevermind one! xD

At there chit chat, then sit taxi to Jusco.
Seperate to 2 car. Boo ._.

Reach there, straight went to Green Box.
Heh, so fun ._.
High until stand on the chair HAHA =_=
Before that, we're all so low low low low~ because all of the song are just slow slow slow slow~
Started to high when we choose Qi Chuang Ge - Cao Ge xD
Heh, All great singers xD

Only Teng and I wanted to watch Kungfu Panda =(
Others all cold cold geh =/

While on the way to Secret Recipe, my stomach so Awwwhh ==.
But reach Secret Recipe, fine jor. LOL
Me and Teng share banana split =)
Xian, Yi and Ying eat cake.
Shan drink some shake ._.
After that, went back to Shan's house.

Sit, Camwhore, Laptop there xD
Then left the building. =(
I miss Shan Shan. =(
Hugged her before i left =)

Fetch others back and back home =D

If you notice, I'm the only one who look EXACTLY on the camera ._. Ok, i gotta learn how to camwhore better =(

Haven't receive all the pic