Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Yeah my classmate - Pui Yen.
She cut her hair ._.
What so special?
She cut by herself =="

Yeah~ Japanese look xD!
Kawaii =D
Like duhh~ She always do xD

Today at English period teacher gave us the PMR Model Test.
Get 39/40 Woot! LOL xD
syok sendiri x)!
And there's an essay inside.
From my opinion, the essay is kinda...a truth?

The essay is similar that is saying about some of our examinations is not a fair test of intelligence and capabilities.
It says that some examinations don't demonstrate analytical or logical thinking.
Is just a memory testing process.
After your examination, you forget everything.
Work books and all just provide evidence that students are drilled to be good at test-taking and not logical reasoning.
Is don't test their thinking abilities.
Intelligence test intellectual skill such as analyse, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.
So conclusion : If those who doesn't have a good memory, you lose.

Is kinda true anyway.
Is like Sejarah =.=
Why the hell are we studying the past?
I mean if they did something good, like yeah sure, we'll respect.
But must we even STUDY them?
and MEMORIZE what they did and EXAM us? =/

They give us one question where the simple 24 divide 8 equal 3 like duhh~
But they make us do the calculations like 3(x) + 5(2x) = 24 and they make you count a bunch of stuff just to get THE SAME ANSWER.
What the?
Who the heck invented Maths anyway?!?!

Awh i love Science =]......If those names aren't that hard!!
I never understand how they actually even READ those kind of vocabulary.
When it started out by Cell in Form 1.
I was only : Yer what the heck is Chlamydomonas?
Now Form 2 : How the hell do you read THAT?
Awwwh =/

Don't tell me about Form 3/4/5!
I know they sucks too!
All i can say, i have no idea why are we studying for =/!!