Thursday, May 15, 2008

My friends =]

I love my friends =]
You know what is friends? You know? You know?
Well I know. LOLS!
You know friends?
They help you pass through every hard little bit you gone through, and i appreciate it. =]
And I'll say, I love you all very much.

Friends ask you why do you cry if you're crying.
But [Best Friends] cries with you when they saw you crying even thou they doesn't know why.
Apparently no one cry with me. LOLS!

I love all of you~! Especially below all this =]
Please don't mind the placing, because i care the one is all of you :D!

Sexay xD!

Hui Ying.


Shu Teng.

Caption : Thinking of you...=D!! Carmen Hor!!

Disgusted Amanda. LOL!! Joking lar =X

I don't think is cool. HA-HA =P

And stop saying about my gift, before i really go to Singapore and slap you hardly xD!