Monday, May 26, 2008

My blog is famous xD

Is not what you get everyday for a friend to pass by this quiet, stupid, useless, lame, boring blog.
But once you get a good topic, you'll see.

I didn't even know my blog could be so famous! LOL

Those seldom drop on your blog, they came

Those who NEVER drop by your blog before, there still drop something.

But what's better was that even Kennysia or Cheeserland couldn't have.

My long lost husband LOL Go away ShuTeng

My friend who still owes me money whose fighting for his rights, Patrick Osama bin laden aka George Bush =]

Mervyn Pak Lah

The deads =="

And the best drops ever

The person who imitate Osama, Abraham and Lingam who use the SAME IP adress = Same comp. Guess they are best friends eh?