Monday, May 26, 2008

If there's only 4 hours

I'm curious.

I wonder, If there's only 4 hours left in your life, what will you do?

Will you, confess to your lover?

Will you, kill your enemies?

Will you, go to your favorite place and die in peace?

Will you, just stay with your love one?

What will you do? (:

Me, I will, go to 1 peaceful place, stay cool, hug my teddies, listen to the Ipod, and die peacefully =]

Leave your answer in the blog :D

Anyone of you x)

Friends, Family, Relatives, Passers By, Enemy, Lovers, Admirer LMAO, Osama, Bush, Mahathir, Ghost, Plants...Oh you get what i mean =="

Use fakes name if you want =]

No vulgarities, that's all ;D