Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A job

I, Carmen Hor aka CarLAME owner of www . carlame - karumenu . blogspot . com would proudly announce that I'm officially the secretary of, Chum Shu Teng. I would also love to give a Shout-Out-Loud to all of you and announce : I'm the ONLY ONE who interview for the secretary job. To be honest with my fellow forgive-full readers, she lied didn't say the truth. HA-HA.

I will do my job well and the best as i could. If you dislike the conclusion of this interview, please get-a-life because I'm the only one who went for the interview. I somehow just drop a chat at chat box and I've got picked from her "narrowed her dozens of calls and interview".

As you all read, it is noticeable that i suck in writing in such a pro-look essay like how Daniel and Shu Teng wrote. Yes I sucks, but I'm sorry because this isn't your choice to change the fact that I'm officially and already a secretary of

Moreover you read, you'll also notice that this post is completely pointless. The fact that i wrote this little post is just because i proudly declare that i ACTUALLY studied Form 2 Science Chapter 2 despite Chiew Heng and Ben. After almost bringing them to death studying without much disturbance, I'm tired.

Lastly, I would like to give a SHUT-UP-LAR shout to Mr.Chiew Heng for being such "good friend" and non-stop "encouraging" me to study. You did a great job. Another Laugh Out Loud to both Daniel and Shu Teng for always giving each other Laugh Out Loud. Is good to laugh.

I hereby thank you everyone for reading this completely meaningless post of lameness. I've actually wasted your time for this rubbish and yet you still continue to read. I thank you again.


PS : Mommy, i finally got a job! LOL.

PPS : Who wants to be my secretary? Laugh Out Very Loud. :)