Friday, May 16, 2008


A special news to all of you outside there =D!

If any of you notice, our fellow form 4 students actually joined a company, ExxonMobil Young Enterprise (E.Y.E)

They mainly sells thing from what they come out with :D

I wanted to join but then I'm apparently underage. Shessh!

Click HERE for more info. =]!

A sneak peak of Thumbelina. Cost only RM5 with/without a mini card. ( Currently available for blue and green colors only. but who knows what color will it be next!? :D ) Cheap AND Nice!

You can see their latest product.
And from Diong and my reaction, FU YOH DAMN CUTE LOR! XD!

For more info, please contact Kyle Sui Yee Khai (4 Science 2) or Daniel Mak (4 Technology 2).

For those who wants to order it through MSN, please add into your contact list. (Extra charges will be made for non-mutiarian students)

~Karumenu - I'm making a order when i get the money ;)!