Thursday, May 22, 2008


The other day which is...Monday?, i went to EcoParadise ._.

Some place where they do some kind of hot therapy o.O
Is like some kind of "spa" or you can call it barbecue :D

Their products

Auntie filling form

Cousin filling form


Our "sauna"

It was like 42Celsius ._.
I just went in and i was like jumping around in heat
Still, is quite relaxing =]
Almost fell asleep inside xD
Wasn't thinking anything, and like, eventually, the heat is nothing and you'll get relax with the pool of sweat. LOL!

The bath room ._.

Camwhore after that


Before we take the blood test, we went to the upper floor to enjoy some food since my cousin and I are hungry.
Ordered some food at the top of the building with peaceful scenery =] Well, sort of

Gei Ji muffin and walnut with raisins muffin

The workers making my bread xD

Close up

Egg sandwich

My orange juice. Fresh :D

My auntie's drink. Apple with salury or something ._.


I heard the guy's sister was saying to the mom : "KOR KOR TALKING TO THE GIRLFRIEND AH!"

Nice :D

Blood test taken. It says that i sugar intake. *ahem* Also says that most young girls also have this. So, I'M NORMAL OK? LOL!! XD
And A little late sleep. It was 3 day straight holiday LAR =/
And a little stress. I was so LMAO when i heard this. LOL!

Went home after that x)