Monday, May 19, 2008


Sumatra just get hit by earthquake 5.9
Luckily, there's no tsunami.

Kalabakan, Tawau which is in Sabah people flee from high-rise building as an 4.3 earthquake centred hit this east coast district in Sabah on 2:26pm.

My auntie (living somewhere at Taman Permaisuri) called my mom.
She says she's in Connaught. FYI, is 11:43PM already.
She says that the next block of her house felt the earth tremors.
Police evacuate them out from the building, so their family went to yum char at Connaught.

I don't think Malaysia will have an earthquake bah o_O
But then, geography has changed.
Who knows if Malaysia is still disasters-free?
I'm scare x(!