Thursday, May 15, 2008


Why should i be emo about you when you're having fun with HER?


Easy like faeces. HEK HEK HEK =X!

But each time i feel that is easy, I'll get a bad result. ==" Damn it!

I'm just feeling down the whole day...


Wasn't in the mood to draw at all, but still have to draw right?

Wrote my name at the wrong side of the paper.

Should be on the top right, but i wrote it bottom left. =/

Pn. Lily demand me to write at the back of the drawing paper.

Sorry, wasn't concentrating at all.

Spent like 1 hour just to draw a poster of BUAH-BUAHAN TEMPATAN.


Took 20 minutes just to color all my durians ONLY.


While it left 15 minutes more, I'm finally done.

Not satisfied because I'm rushing throughout the whole colouring and apparently lazy me used color pencil instead of crayon because i doesn't feel like bringing my lan cao crayon.

I hate this freaking feeling...

Thank you Amanda for borrowing me her color pencil and sharpener =]

You and her again. Shesssh!