Wednesday, May 14, 2008


After studying like faeces yesterday, today's result faeces =="
I seriously SERIOUSLY study for Science from after school until sleeping time.
Some time is used for blogging, chatting, relaxing but those isn't a lot just so you know =P

Woke up at 6 again to study Science.

Science paper 1
I'm actually...fine with it =D
Most of the question i studied already. FU YOH x))!!
Hard work DO pays xD
Form 1 questions are a little bit hard for me but who cares? I still guessed correctly. WHEE =D

For the first time, i think i'll fail my moral ._.
Faeces =/
Already wrote Christian yet i change it to Islam and ended up the answer is Christian. Shessh!
The last page, all don't know =D

Science paper 2 - My most fear
Blahs =/
What i read i forgotten. =/!
I wish they put paper 2 first instead of paper 1. =(
What biological control
What Bile
What inference
Ya Allah, aku dah lupa~ ==

Aawwh =/
Today's exam wasn't that sun lei =(
3 more days to go.
Tomorrow Seni, still got no idea what to draw ._.
BC and KH and Sejarah. Blahs on those ==