Monday, May 12, 2008


thirsty i guess O_O

The trial prefect took my bottle because i took plastic bottle because my bottle spoil because i drop it on the floor because i was clumsy.
Some more take it while assembly. FTW!
Whole day no need drink water -_-'
Only recess drank and drank a few mouth full of water from Amanda ku.
=/! Shesshh!

I never understand my school's principle.

She can talk for like freaking darn long and saying the same old thing : Study hard! Work hard! Study! EXAM GOOD RESULT! MUST STUDY! STUDY IS PRIORITY! STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! MUST STUDY YOU KNOW!? S-T-U-D-Y-!
She wants us to study yet she keep talking and doesn't allow us to study. WTH?
Goodness i hate her.
Want us to look at her some more. Oik! You very ugly you know or not!?!
Blahs -.-

BM 1 was...very B and D. -.-
There's 2 bars of answers.
1st bar was full of D and the 2nd was full of B.
And it appears like 4 questions straight with the same - D. Awwh!
Don't fool me please =S

BM 2 was fine to me.
Except for section B. Oh boy, that's like...point-less *I can't find any point to write*

Who actually care about this =.=
You can easily A's it without even looking through the whole paper. LOL ==
Teacher collect our paper 4 minutes early and she wants us to sleep.
Surprisingly when i turn to Pui Yen, she was playing with the eraser excess. HUH!
Some more made it like 38cm long. -_-"
Lifeless yet interesting LOL!
Not bad i guess XD!

~Karumenu - I'm still thirsty. =(