Sunday, May 4, 2008

1 Day Out

Last night, i SUDDENLY go clean the computer's keyboard.
Is like...few years never clean it already. =P
I won't be surprise if there's a cockroach suddenly came out from it =="
I even found "mayat" inside.
Is a dead bug ==!!!!
Is not my fault hokey :S:S:S?!?!

Fungus ah ._.

C~ x)

Difference ._.

Today sleeping so soundly, after the night mare...Again =="
Suddenly the house phone rang, i woke up *is 8:20am* and pick up the call.
But then the call cut. I was so aawhh!!!!!
And went back to sleep.
Like 30 seconds later, called back again.
My mom woke up and pick it up.
She say is from my aunt, her 2ND sister.
She asked us to eat Dim Sum for an early mother's day celebration.
Many mama was there.

After eating, went back home for 15minutes and go out again to MPH stock clearance. *woots!*
Drove so long finally reach.
On the way...

*Focus on the grey part.*
FYI, today's date is 4 May 2008 jor.

From Taman Connaught to Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya.
Oh me goodness is just so far away ._.
Reach and is like...packed with people!
Seriously like people mountain people ocean =/
Oh well~
At least is worth it x)


This thing is EVERYWHERE ._.!!

I don't understand those people.

How can they actually fill up the whole box of books in it!?! BOOK WORMS!!!!! XD

Uh...the 123 ain't my book =="

Starting on this book. 9/11 =]

After that, we went to somewhere Kepong if I'm not wrong ._.
Went to eat pao bing that One Day Five Meals host Chui Ling introduced.

Well, it was full pack and the place is small.
So we just da bao and went to next door to eat while eating our lunch. =]

The pao bing isn't from the original fruit.
It taste like...artificial taste?

My liong shui ._.

So on, we went to Bangsar Village.
Got sales =="

The line ._.

There isn't anything that suits me.
Even it does, is still expensive ==~
50% already wei =/
So went out from there.
While waiting for my cousin which is still in the sales.
We went for...


So expensive =/

So many choices =/!!

Just so many ._.!!!!

If only i could afford...

I want it so badly. Just one =/! Pretty please?

I want an ice cream with waffle

And chocolate sprinkle with the flavour of Vanilla and Coffee. SEDAP =/

What the?

In the end, forced to order this. 3 people share somemore. =/

Spoon also special one ==!

Mmmm =]!!!

My aunt say that this shop is insulting her. *PS : She's fat not so thin*

So we went in and check out what's this shop all about.
And when my aunt saw the blue shirt which look nice.
She tried to take but can't.

Yes yes, The blue shirt there. LOL!!!