Saturday, April 19, 2008

Picture Story?

I don't really get what i'm drawing also.
But is just to fill up my boredom time.
So~ you want to read it is suits you. x)
And i guess Amanda understands it since i told her before ._.
She should be the only one understanding this piece of shit. LOL
Oh well~

Brown line = Wants
Green wants Yellow
Blue wants Purple
But Yellow and Purple is in love

Yellow finally love Green
Purple love Blue too
but it didn't stop Yellow and Purple loving each other
Light Green & Light Blue = Hate

Circle = Being together.
End of story.

I would like to say that : WHAT THE *DOOT* IS THIS?
I don't know what am i drawing so just IGNORE me. x)
Thank you very much.
It sucks when you're bored you know? =/