Wednesday, April 16, 2008

KFC Video

I was total blank when Shan showed me a blog


She told me to see the KFC ads.
Truly, i was in a super blank mode.

Just use a few minutes of yours.
Try watching this video.

Sorry to KFC fans.
But sometimes, you just have to accept the truth.
Finger linkin' good killers

I thought KFC was delicious.
When is 3 choice for me to eat, KFC is always inside.
Now, thinking of it. I kinda feel bad =/
KFC wasn't good for health from the starting.
But didn't know it went THAT far away of cruelness.

Imagine you're eating at KFC and fooling around and accidentally drop 1 piece of chicken. There goes a life who sacrifice for your hungriness. I STRONGLY encourage you to watch this video. Is educational? LOL!! I mean like no matter how afraid you are, you still have to see the world one day right?

If you actually saw the video, and care about them.
Post it in your blog too.
To save those chickens like little chicken.
I know you have a choice of your own to NOT post it, but then i know you're not that cruel ;)


~Karumenu - I've always hated you, KFC!!! =/!
So McDonald DO rocks.