Sunday, April 6, 2008

conver between me n ying =="


- Ќa®umenu™: i'll laugh WITH you AT ppl
- Ќa®umenu™: HAHAH
- Ќa®umenu™: XD

_ hUiYinG`_: yayaay
_ hUiYinG`_: XD
_ hUiYinG`_: ii like the word i'll laugh WITH you AT ppl
_ hUiYinG`_: nice dao

- Ќa®umenu™: LOL xD
- Ќa®umenu™: fank you fank you =x

_ hUiYinG`_: welcum welcum...who u would like to thanks bout this reward tht u win?
- Ќa®umenu™: errr
- Ќa®umenu™: me
- Ќa®umenu™: me
- Ќa®umenu™: and of course
- Ќa®umenu™: me
- Ќa®umenu™: xDDDD

_ hUiYinG`_: owh...thx..ii m reporter frm Ying's magazine...hmm...wad would you dO after this?
_ hUiYinG`_: marry wiv ur boy?
_ hUiYinG`_: or continue your job
_ hUiYinG`_: XD

- Ќa®umenu™: LOOOL! xD
- Ќa®umenu™: i would like to be lame WITH my boy
- Ќa®umenu™: XD

_ hUiYinG`_: answer anyway..ii m glad to have this chance to have a short talk wiv u
- Ќa®umenu™: xDD
- Ќa®umenu™: BOOO
- Ќa®umenu™: XD

_ hUiYinG`_: = = sorry =x
_ hUiYinG`_: nvm
_ hUiYinG`_: thn c u at court
_ hUiYinG`_: XD

- Ќa®umenu™: LOOOL!
- Ќa®umenu™: u better gg1
- Ќa®umenu™: i go i go Ying's Court to find ying to be my peguam
- Ќa®umenu™: xDDD
- Ќa®umenu™: n go sue ying
- Ќa®umenu™: HAHA

_ hUiYinG`_: = = ii go teng court to find teng to help mii rescue ying?
_ hUiYinG`_: hahahah

- Ќa®umenu™: LOL
- Ќa®umenu™: teng is killed while mun look for ying at ying's court
- Ќa®umenu™: x)

_ hUiYinG`_: thn shan XD...and teng will alive after ying kiss her XD
- Ќa®umenu™: LOL
- Ќa®umenu™: teng body been hide by mun ady
- Ќa®umenu™: shan helped to kill teng

- Ќa®umenu™: so shan was capture by police mun
_ hUiYinG`_: thn ii would invite alamenda....b ying lawyer...and yii will go police station to rescue both of them
- Ќa®umenu™: alameda was the suspect of teng's death so
alameda cant get out x)
- Ќa®umenu™: police station is lock by mun so yi cant get
- Ќa®umenu™: x)
- Ќa®umenu™: zhuin aso help mun to jaga police station

- Ќa®umenu™: xian is the security guard of the police station
- Ќa®umenu™: LOL==

_ hUiYinG`_: = = nvm...keii is still go on the way to rescue =]
- Ќa®umenu™: kei is actually the ngoi gan of u all x))
- Ќa®umenu™: HAHAHA
- Ќa®umenu™: xD
_ hUiYinG`_: = = = = thn ying no hope d
_ hUiYinG`_: =[

- Ќa®umenu™: nvm
- Ќa®umenu™: ying come wif mun
- Ќa®umenu™: go b police
- Ќa®umenu™: x)

_ hUiYinG`_: yeah~ = = but...this convo..sounds lame = =
- Ќa®umenu™: LOL

Lame x)


ShuTeng-: y u kill meeee~
ShuTeng-: ngo sei dak hou cham ar T___T
ShuTeng-: XD

- Ќa®umenu™: HAHAHA XD
- Ќa®umenu™: hou charm meh?
- Ќa®umenu™: i let u die in peace wad
- Ќa®umenu™: i take u buy gucci prada n on
- Ќa®umenu™: n den let u eat KFC
- Ќa®umenu™: let u cheong K
- Ќa®umenu™: let u camwhore
- Ќa®umenu™: let u kiss the person u love
- Ќa®umenu™: *ahemisme*
- Ќa®umenu™: LOL
- Ќa®umenu™: until u agree to die oni let u die woh
- Ќa®umenu™: xD

ShuTeng-: LOL
ShuTeng-: DID I AGREE?
ShuTeng-: O_O

- Ќa®umenu™: duh
- Ќa®umenu™: =/
- Ќa®umenu™: silents means consent mah
- Ќa®umenu™: xDDDDD

ShuTeng-: LOL
ShuTeng-: ngo off9 dim yong mm silent arrrrrrrr
ShuTeng-: siu jieeeeeeeeee
ShuTeng-: XD

- Ќa®umenu™: ngo mm lei gah =/1
- Ќa®umenu™: xDDD

ShuTeng-: waaaaaa
ShuTeng-: sat yan fan ar leii
ShuTeng-: i call police ying to catch u XD

- Ќa®umenu™: LOL
- Ќa®umenu™: police ying still under training
- Ќa®umenu™: cannot catch
- Ќa®umenu™: x)

ShuTeng-: then i call
ShuTeng-: SERGENT shan =D
ShuTeng-: to catch lei li gor
ShuTeng-: sat yan fan
ShuTeng-: =D!!

- Ќa®umenu™: wait -.-
- Ќa®umenu™: shan is...
- Ќa®umenu™: one of the killer aso wad -.-2

- Ќa®umenu™: _ hUiYinG`_: thn shan XD...and teng will alive after ying kiss her XD
- Ќa®umenu™: LOL
- Ќa®umenu™: teng body been hide by mun ady
- Ќa®umenu™: shan helped to kill teng
- Ќa®umenu™: HAHA XD

ShuTeng-: EH
ShuTeng-: i call sergent
ShuTeng-: WEN YI
ShuTeng-: =D

- Ќa®umenu™: wen yi
- Ќa®umenu™: wait
- Ќa®umenu™: i look for her
- Ќa®umenu™: HAHA

ShuTeng-: LOL
- Ќa®umenu™: - Ќa®umenu™: police station is lock by mun so yi cant get in
- Ќa®umenu™: sorry
- Ќa®umenu™: yi aint a police
- Ќa®umenu™: HAHA

ShuTeng-: LOL
ShuTeng-: she is now =D

- Ќa®umenu™: no she aint
- Ќa®umenu™: i'm the senior of all senior

- Ќa®umenu™: aka = eldest gg1
ShuTeng-: WA
ShuTeng-: gam mei sei
ShuTeng-: = =

ShuTeng-: nvm
- Ќa®umenu™: cause well
- Ќa®umenu™: i'm the creator of the story
- Ќa®umenu™: AHAHAH

ShuTeng-: cd help me bou sao
ShuTeng-: hehehe

- Ќa®umenu™: sry
- Ќa®umenu™: our time oni got dvd
- Ќa®umenu™: no cd
ShuTeng-: LOL
ShuTeng-: okay den
ShuTeng-: DVD bong ngo bou sao
ShuTeng-: XD

- Ќa®umenu™: dvd is u wad
ShuTeng-: cd upgrades himself
ShuTeng-: like tranformer
ShuTeng-: xD

- Ќa®umenu™: upgrading service is currently unavailable. please leave a msg after the tone
- Ќa®umenu™: HAHAHA

ShuTeng-: LOL
ShuTeng-: sry
ShuTeng-: i upgraded yesterday

ShuTeng-: bahahahahah
ShuTeng-: hehehe

- Ќa®umenu™: but our service js made oni woh -.-
- Ќa®umenu™: xDDD

ShuTeng-: lalala
ShuTeng-: i made a service ytd wad
ShuTeng-: xD

- Ќa®umenu™: HUH!!!!
- Ќa®umenu™: O.O
- Ќa®umenu™: eh -.-2
- Ќa®umenu™: u hv to tell director sin 1 u noe
- Ќa®umenu™: xDDD

ShuTeng-: lalala
ShuTeng-: i am director too
ShuTeng-: =D

- Ќa®umenu™: but i was the lameness T_________________________T
- Ќa®umenu™: xDDD

ShuTeng-: LOL
ShuTeng-: xD
ShuTeng-: lalala

- Ќa®umenu™: I CI JEK LAR=/1
ShuTeng-: soooo
ShuTeng-: teng get cpr frm ying
ShuTeng-: i mean
ShuTeng-: a kiss frm ying

- Ќa®umenu™: -.-2
ShuTeng-: den alive
ShuTeng-: hehehe

- Ќa®umenu™: don care =/1
- Ќa®umenu™: mun dah ci jek

ShuTeng-: lalla
ShuTeng-: so teng take over now
ShuTeng-: =D

- Ќa®umenu™: take ovre lu =/1
- Ќa®umenu™: HAHA XD

ShuTeng-: lalala~
ShuTeng-: n so
ShuTeng-: teng alive again
ShuTeng-: get her revenge'
ShuTeng-: but then
ShuTeng-: mm se dak kill mun

- Ќa®umenu™: all of the sudden
- Ќa®umenu™: mun from back of teng
- Ќa®umenu™: CHOP
- Ќa®umenu™: dah die again
- Ќa®umenu™: HAHAHAHAH

ShuTeng-: OIK
ShuTeng-: u ci jik jor
ShuTeng-: so wad u say NOT COUNTED ANYMORE

- Ќa®umenu™: dou wa all of the sudden lor
- Ќa®umenu™: U NO SEE DRAMA B4 AH
- Ќa®umenu™: XD
- Ќa®umenu™: hahahaa =x

- Ќa®umenu™: so call upgrade
- Ќa®umenu™: HAHA

ShuTeng-: NO WOR
ShuTeng-: thats y
ShuTeng-: 26/4
ShuTeng-: xD
ShuTeng-: XDDD
ShuTeng-: lalalala~

- Ќa®umenu™: phantom mou gong gor woh
- Ќa®umenu™: XD

- Ќa®umenu™: 26/4 hai gong si ban jek wo
- Ќa®umenu™: xD

ShuTeng-: gam ngo dei mei hok si ban lorrr
- Ќa®umenu™: hou ah :D
- Ќa®umenu™: ngo tong lei si ban
- Ќa®umenu™: HAHA
ShuTeng-: OKAY
ShuTeng-: teng alive
ShuTeng-: den
ShuTeng-: teng ask Y KILL ME
ShuTeng-: den mun say
ShuTeng-: cz fall in love with teng
ShuTeng-: but teng want ying
ShuTeng-: so NGOI BIN HAN
ShuTeng-: den killed teng
ShuTeng-: den teng so gam dong
ShuTeng-: decide to si ban with mun
ShuTeng-: =D
ShuTeng-: the end-
ShuTeng-: cz the reason mun kill teng

ShuTeng-: is cz
ShuTeng-: love her too much ma
ShuTeng-: so gam dong loo
ShuTeng-: xD
- Ќa®umenu™: -.-..har..gam dou dak xD

3rd part i didn't post it. TOO TIRED! =="