Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kawan baik =]

I couldn't really say that i have bad friends cause I REALLY HAVE A BUNCH OF GOOD BUDDIES :D

Yeah i emo cause my friends cant come cause they scare that ______ cause *ahem* has *ahem* and so cause ya LLOOOOOLL
What the hell did i just say? xD

So,I was going to saloon with my mom
Then Amanda called me to talk to me since i was SO EMO~~ XD

Kawan baik ;D
Sooo we chatted =]

Not long later kawan setia ini

- Yik Yau *with a pervert-y look in this pic xD* smsed me also =]
Tee Hee!

Only this 2 talked to me =]
Best friends really

I lub them manyak manyak :D
F.Y.I i ain't bisexual =="