Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just blahs

I've been a lazy blogger?
Didn't really update this few weeks, Sorry x(
But seriously, if there isn't anything to update. Then what you want me to update?
You can't SQUEEZE something out just for your regular blogging schedule WAD~ x)
It'll just make your blog lame and...rubbish?
F.Y.I. CarLAME blog doesn't mean have to be lame xD!
At least wait for something interesting and blog about it x]

So yesterday went to Leisure Mall with my mom. :D
Met lots and lots and lots and lots of Mutiarians?
Leisure Mall = Mutiarians second home x)
After going to Popular, went to find a present for PATRICK CHUN CHIEW HENG =="
Ma kuih fan xD
While buying, mommy bought something for me also? =="
Cheap but nevermind lar :D i love it very much

Treble Clef?

Shiny :D

Mini? xD

Today came back from school, saw the white board.
Huh? What's that!?!?
A note from my hawt daddy. Lol!!! =X
His hawt note make the hawt me a hawt meal of hawt lunch in a hawt weather :D

Owh ya...