Saturday, March 1, 2008


1st of March

Our school Hari Anugerah and PIBG meeting =]
Choir member will be performing when we're having our Hari Anugerah
Been practise for SO FREAKING LONG =P

So early in the morning woke up Mommy send me there =]
When i reach Amanda and Mei Kei haven't reach so i walk around with Yu Xin to the pondok and waited them
Soon all of us are here and we went to the gym to practise
I have to be honest, I HATE DISLIKE EVON TEACHING US =="
I want Wan Voon T_____________________T

Pn. Tee has strike again -.-
She want us to be DON'T KNOW BUT WE JUST LOOK STUPID ON IT ==!!!!!!!

Obviously in the gym
We wont be JUST.PRACTISING.THERE one righttttttttttttttt ? xDDD
So of course we have some camwhore :D

We have to sing the Negaraku and our school song =="
booooorriiinnggg x3
After singing this we went back to gym again to wait for our REAL performance
And here comes :P
We went to back stage =="
Everyone so nervous about it

Our performance =]

~Entertainer =]
~Burung Kakak Tua :]
* Video wont be posted yet due to low quality and slow loading. Thankyou *

End of our performance,

Seira and my kai sai lou :D XD

Talking to the phone Oo -Siew Wei "gap gan" me xD-

There's bad news? XD -Orsomehowitalksomethingthatmakeallofthemlaugh?-

we get free lunch WOOT! XD

But it sucks =="

Somehow people eat more will become like that xDDD

As ussual la~ is our canteen food mah =(
Then i just hang out there until Amanda, Mei Kei and Siew Wei also went back home.
I waited for my mom because she wanted to go for PIBG meeting

Ended up?
We went to eat lunch and went to Petaling Street bought some clothes xD!!