Sunday, March 30, 2008


I don't even believe myself...
I don't believe what have i just type =="

I don't even know how to use it even i got the programme -_-

~Karumenu - i don even believe myself O_o

Tagged...again =="

Tagged by Siang Er, Kent, and...others?

Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total 20 questions, then tag to 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1) What is your dream when you were in your childhood?
- Ummm...Something connected to animal if i'm not wrong O_O xD

2) Rainy days or sunny days? Why?
- Sunny days :D so can go out x))

3) Which do you like the most? Black or White?
- O_o both also nice =]

4) Who would you marry?
- A man? HAHAHA =X

5) Where is the place you would like to go most? Why?
- Around the world xD I WANNA GET OUT OF MALAYSIA =="! Atleast 1 week ler then come back Malaysia x)

6) Who are you most afraid of losing?
- Myself =]

7) When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do?
- hide in the room? torture my bears HAHAHA XD

8) What is the one thing you can never tire of?
- Talking x)) looking at the mirror HAHAHA XD perasan pulak

9) If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to her? Or just keep the secret in the heart, observing by yourself?
- Study important wei~~ LOL

10) Till now, what is the moment that you regret most?
- Nvr really study for exam =X

11) Which preferably, text or instant messaging?
- of course instant messaging lar x)

12) If you could choose to be a celebrity or a model, which and why?
- Bill Gates ==" Very rich mah!

13) What is your ambition?
- Err...something related to design GUAAA

14) Would you rather be someone else at this moment?
- I love myself x)

15) If you could have 1 dream come true, what would it be?
- Having all my dream come true x) Sorry lar =] I very tamak 1 xD

16) What will you do if the world ends tomorrow?
- Go rob a bank xD

17) To you . Is making love important in one relationship?
- I wont thats for sure :] Abstinence, Works everytime ;]

18) What do you think that is most important in your life?
- Me, You, Us, All LOL =X

19)What do you need now?
- Money ==" Knowledge :D Friends =]

I tag everyone in my blog list =]
Exceptions those who already been tagged

~Karumenu - tagged again!!!! x(

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Speed test result =P

Speedtest result x)

92 words


Lol =="
lost the front 2 result
first was 88
second 91
owh well =P


23% Geek

Got it from Yong Shan's blog =P


Thursday, March 27, 2008

barfday and picas?

Camwhore sin x)

Lala? xD

Lame pics again

There's more that haven't been list =="

Birthday :D

Whee =]
Woke up in the morning
received a message on the white board saying happy birthday from my family.
Went to school. Kena fooled by Amanda =="
She gave me a small little plastic bag
And i really thought is the present
So when i open
inside got rubbish -________-! and papers...and some sweets that her sister sponsored =="!!!!!!!!

Aint fun at all x( LOL
Really kena S-W-T badly x(
Then she suddenly take out one BIG PLASTIC BAG XD
woot! Syok sia xD

Stuff she gave =="

Yes yes monyet ini x)

*Now every night i listen the song it plays before i go to sleep*

Come with a card too and wants me to name my best friend ==" SURE NOT YOU LOR HAHAHA =X jkjk x)

Card cover (Designed by her sister, THANK YOU JIE!)

Whee! See? is you xD

Then when i wanna go up the stairs, received Patrick's present by Hao Yang =="!

Somehow the bear won't stand

Received Gan Yang's gift too

It's just a normal day
And so on?
Helped Puan Lily again also x)
When pass by 3D, Hui Ying wished me Yappy Urfday xD and well hugsss~ xD
Weirdly, Xiao cc, Jet Yee, Wen Yi, and lots lots lots lots lots lots lots of them know today is my birthday =="
-_- Yeah very. The only reaction i could give was : O_O HUH! HOW YOU KNOW?!?!
Trust me =]
Thou..I couldn't remember exactly who wished me x(
Solei la~

Shu Teng came to look for me JUST TO WISH ME XD
Since she ran so far, DESERVED A HUG LOR XD
Went back home with a bunch of plastic bag x) HEEEEE

After school received present too


Ini fave ku x)

Went back home eating the SERIOUSLY LIKE A ROCK pizza
Then suddenly DING DONG
Kyle appear infront of my door saying wanna take the book i wanted to borrow him

Got cha!
And suddenly he took out a cake
LOL =x
Surprise betul

Ignore my messy hair =="


Nicerlanu x)

Karumenu / Carlame xDDD!!

Spiderenu =="

So chatted together with Amanda in the msn then about 1 hour later he went back

Then continue finishing my food and my homework.
And rushed to get ready to go out x)
My bro drive O_O LOL XD
Then just reach the front door then saw Amanda's family and Shu Ling.
Just 30 seconds then Mei Kei and Siew Wei appear.
So we went Popular first to buy our stuff and...stuff? xD
Then walked to Wong Kok to the VIP ROOM :]
Chatted for like half an hour only started to order =="


See See!! All camwhore xD

Ngo gok dak mm leng lor~ LOOOOOL XDDD

Order 3 rice and 2 snacks
While waiting our food...


Lala gang LOL!!!

Sei Amanda ==" SMILE FOR WAD! XD

We all share x) banyak sweet LOL!

Everyone snatch the first food LOL!! =X!
Tak sook lui at all xD


Akibat using the wrong function =="

They doesn't know how to eat =="


Jie got a blur look on what Ling Ling talk xD

It looks...nicer in real life =X

Our rice xD

After eating also continue chat O_O
And chat chat chat and camwhore x)

Take 1 Scene 1!

Take 2 Scene 2!

Then i command ask Siew Wei to help me order the milk tea from the waiter. Her voice was like a mice ==". So i shouted called the waiter : EXCUSE ME!!!!

Faster hide this way xD

Then all of them looking at me when the waiter come. The waiter was like blur-er-nise by us xD. He didnt know who to take LOL! xD owh well =P

Take 3 Scene 1!

Take 4 Scene 1 MODEL 3!! XD

Then the milk tea came O_O

Bignya ==" *that's Amanda hand*


My cup =]

Catch the poser xD

IS ALL MINE XD *ahem* Is that my hand =="???

Group picture with the soon-to-be-gone milk tea =/

Lou po and Lou gong? LOL! zap ju xDDD

The 4 O_o

Me and loh mai kai~~ xDDDD!!

Whee x)

Drink until tak de mood to eat cake
So just sing and blew

Me thinking : I wonder who should i fool with this cake HEK HEK HEK XD
Siew Wei : YAWNSS~~
Others : HEEEEEEE =D


Each person 1 chocolate xD

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee =]~~
Sent Amanda and her sister back then went home =]
Happy nya x)
First time the Ji Mui went out together


Heeee =D

From Mei Kei O_o * I don't know whats wrong with her eye * xD

Mei Kei pun

Inside d present =D

Chain x) SANGAT NICE!!


Siw Wei. My dad keep saying it looks weird =="

Shu Ling. DAMN NICE LOR!!!!

Angeline. Shiny @@!!!! xD

Nice wrapper 1 x)

Nice wrapper 2

Nice wrapper 3 xD

~Karumenu - sorry it took long xD