Friday, January 11, 2008

My Night Out

Well here's the so call "COOL" thing that I'm going to post =x. Sorry it took a long long long long long long long time xP. I was being a super duper lazy piggeh~! =]


It was a day where my dad suddenly says : MEI~! TONIGHT I BRING U ALL GO SOMEWHERE VERY NICE~~! So about 5pm, all of us get ready and bath and blah blah blah so on. And until 6pm, Gu Ma reached our house and we waited until about 6.30pm only left ==~! Now this is what you call punctual? xDD

We left the house and our car is leading the way to Ulu Langat~!

We were on our way...

But it looks like is a cloudy day =(

So here is the place -thatsmymomcarteehee-

We have to walk ALL THE WAY UP! -actually is just a short distance xD-

After we saw the restaurant, we went up to the tower to catch the sunset =).
Have to walk up the tall tower, fuh fuh fuh x]

And took some picture of it =] I'm such a poser xD that's what Kar Yann said =]

And here's our family picca! without Keong's family -awwwwwh~-

At first Kar Yann thought it was her camera problem xDD

but is just that is too misty

So here comes the Sunset but because it was cloudy,it wasn't really a nice one -sobs-

And this is a view of after few minutes of the sunset

After edit =) by Kar Yann

Then we walk back to the restaurant named Oliver & Bread Cafe to eat our dinner -.-

While we waiting for our food YUMM~
Hokay, food isn't that nice. Conclusion : Only the lamb is the best

So more pictures

And is night time =]

And after the boring dinner, we went walking for door?
And reach...

Yeap -.-, couldn't believe they actually have a branch there o.o

Before we(kids) sit down, we went fooling around with the camera =]. Adults went to sit and order first xD

KLCC is just so light xD

And small? xD

Super beam light O_O

My picture haven't send to me, i'll post it after i get mine =]. Then we walk back to the table and eat our stuff. The adults order chicken for us =D

Chicken is the new black xD

See? Sooooo delicious =P

Babu Babboon =]

I order a Choconilla =]. or Vanilate? XD!!!

"Hey, share right? =D"

Mmmmmm~~~ So nice x]

Is this Kiwi or Cucumber O.o? I forgotten but is sure a big big cup O_O

So after eating more pictures

Isn't it amazing?

And this is how the world end xDD~!

~Karumenu - I'm minor in a major kinda way~! =D