Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gold Fish

My dad took me to the pet shop yesterday and today. Why you ask? Buy goldfish lu~ Falalala~~ bought so many fishy~ Some for my uncles too. Lalalala~
Gold fish so cute la la la~
While we're at the stall, obviously i would play with the animals. Why again you ask? I'M A PET LOVER~ WHEEEEE!! And i saw they selling turtle? Not sure is that a sea turtle. But...isn't that cruel? =(
Well, saw rabbits~ saw hamster~ saw hedgedog~ saw "mata - mata" ( a kind of disgusting tortiese ) saw lots and lots of fishes~ even saw eels~~ Worst thing of all, Crickets! EWWWWWW =X

Falalala~ Owh well x] So...


More fishes...

And terbalik fishes O.O?


~Karumenu - broop broop~