Monday, January 14, 2008

Cause I Had A Bad Day~~

Can you actually believe how unlucky i was? Yes, even with a dog name Lucky also so unlucky.


I actually spent so many hours doing those homework yesterday and i ACTUALLY forgot to bring it to school. As in, ALL OF THEM!!!!!! -rawr- Can you actually believe how stupid i was O_O!!!!!!


BM teacher, solei la. I know you hate people didn't bring their stuff but i ACTUALLY did ALL of them one larh. I also want to bring la, but then i guess yesterday i was too tired or something and got blur.


Can I myself actually believe that i lost my present to Angeline? How could i do that O_O? I remember having it untill recess and i think after recess is like...gone? POOF in the thin air. I didn't notice that time, because i was actually STUDYING and lazy to go check it. So I remembering i putting it there but is not there. O.O? After school, i finally check and is REALLY not there. Not in my bag, not on the floor, not in the table NOT EVERYWHERE @@

Such a perfect day i had
Homeworks plus piano lesson plus tiredness and sleepy


~Karumenu - rawr ==