Sunday, December 9, 2007


Popo Yong Shan...
Go Suria must bou zhong owh k?
mz always rmbr Mutiara will always welcome you bk =]
I'll always miss you popo
actually i last time aso MAYB change to Suria 1
or not den Connaught
but owh well?
lucky me XD
remember mz always miss us
remember mz call me out yam cha
remember our petong game n i'll win u 1 day xD
remember our chats n chats
remember our papyrus font XD!!! papity papity papity sot family
remember my face and your face together =]
remember our gossiping about the G H O S T
remember our friendship
remember i'll always remembering you no matter where u are n i will remember tt u are also remember me
so jz incase u didnt notice

Have fun in Suria
is a nice school =D
a fun school =D
a big school =D
a damn rich school -_-

~Karumenu - missing u always popo