Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Well, Is been raining the whole day already.
Not stop raining.
Since i woke up which is 10am. -I know is late but hey, is the holidays =D-
It isnt some strong strong rain like Katrina or anything.

Is just a harmless rain with mist.
Hmm, maybe i speak too soon?
This HARMLESS rain has just cause me having my flu back and a short term fever.
Yeah, and this rain package also come with body aching and a little bit of headache with tons of boredness.

Some kind of holiday i had huh -__-
Sick twice already...
Well, atleast my piano learn something new and nice =).
Song name is Ballad pour Andeline.
It was composed by Paul de Senneville.
Adeline is Paul de Senneville's daughter
And Amanda also sent me some rediculous videos -_-
Cats now talk too O.O

Heh heh...funny heh =]
And now...

I guess walking to "Sai Geng" is too tiring...earning money by this way is better right =D?

Most of you may seen it in youtube already.
There's a lot more of these videos.
Go search in =D.
Lastly, this isnt rediculous but is amazing. =D

wwhheeeeeee...End Of Lame Post.
~Karumenu - sick =(