Saturday, December 1, 2007

Outings =)


Woke up at 6.30am =).
Get ready and left the house at 7am.
Deng deng deng deng...
Curious why i woke up so early at the long holiday where i can sleep like a pig until i doesnt even need breakfast and maybe even lunch?
Kakak go back lor =(.
After about 1 hour and 15 minutes of driving and me sleeping, we finally reach someplace call whad whad LCCT or something something.
So when we reach, i went to take the trolley.
Somehow, i doesnt know how to push the darn trolley.
because i didn't noe the handle have to push down only can move x]
Then went to help kakak make some stuff stuff
Then went to Asian Kitchen to eat breakfast =)
Eat Nasi Lemak. Sedap =)
After eating,
about time liao =(
So take kakak to the some some place
Then say bye bye to her T___________T
She shake hand to mommy and brother and daddy
I hugged her x]
She cried =(
So after taking her.
Went back lor
Reach home liao then online a while
Then dad take me out to uncle house
Then go take third grand uncle to lunch
Chicken rice - super duper nice =D
Then went to our Hor's Family Most Senior funeral =(.
I don't know him O.o
And all of them at the funeral, are my relatives...
gawd -___-
So just ignore...just say hi blah bye blah
After funeral, went to third grand uncle house to drink high tea =)
Then went back home ==
End of Wednesday


never eat breakfast =P
Then went to KLCC meet uncle with dad
Eat lunch together
Then went to Aquaria
For more info of Aquaria, please visit to check out =)
I didn't bring my camera so i didn't took pictures =(
Went to the KLCC bridge too =D
We sit the fireman lift up and went to floor 42 in just 33 second. DARN FAST!
The bridge at KLCC can also move O.O...
During 2004 Tsunami, the bridge move about 3 cm. woo~~ =]
Go to the same website also for more info.
Went to uncle office and inside KLCC the HIGH CLASS bar LOL!
After that wanted to go back but it started to rain and is going to have a major traffic jam.
So we went to some some to have a drink, in the end after our drink STILL rain.
Then we went to ANOTHER place and drink again.
The rain just got better but traffic didnt.
We still left KLCC
Have to sent uncle back to home
take about 1 hour and 15 mins just to reach their house thx to the traffic -___-
So bought KFC on the way back after taking uncle back home and...
End of Thursday =)

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