Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Yesterday Mom took lift and took us out for a day
woke up at 10 something and go bath den go out le
We went to Sun Ming Kei there ate our so called "lunch"
Then off we go
Bro got his driving license so watch out you people!
Bro drive me, mom, cousin to Pavilion
We went there to look see look see and wah =]
Toilet got full screen mirror xD
Damn nice
Then we went to watch " The Golden Compas "
The movie is like -_-...not finish?
Is quite nice to me, just that the ending really pissed me off
Is like - We're going to find my father -screen going far- -name list came out ady-My reaction : WTF O.O FINISH ADY!?!!?!?!?!
Doi -_-
Come out from movie that time, cousin wan go toilet so all go -_-
Then saw Yi Heng with don't know who with him O.o
say hello den continue
Then we walk to Lot 10 there to shop
Went to Isitan or however u spell it =]
Went there bought shirt. WHEEEEE~ =] bought 2 somemore
Then after that walk back to Pavilion
Then inside car say go Mid Valley
woo hoo~
Went Mid Valley hang gai gai
Go Jusco de, can buy 1 more shirt veli veli nice 1
but den mom say 79.90 50% RM40 veli expensive T______T
say bye bye to shirt...
Then continue walk until dinner time
Send kor kor friend to Old Town there
Then we went Yulek eat lur...
eat liao go bk bath
Go out whole day liao x]
so syok
come home massage massage leg
But still, SO SYOK~! XD

~Karumenu - wwwhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee