Friday, December 28, 2007


There are 3 events here.
Sooo...enjoy? =D
All pictures been taken by Kar Yann.

Kmeng's Birthday - 9th December~!

Kmeng's dad invited us to dinner.

So here we are. Eating at this expensive restaurant. x]

Dad whispering to me telling what does Mediterranean means. Wanna know? FIND DICTOINARY LA! tfank you. =]

"Yes! I understand! but somehow i forgotten again ==...urhh.."

Everyone waiting for main course.

Happy Birthday Kah Meng! ^^

Dong Zhi - 21? 22? December -forgottenthedate-

Dinner Time! =]

The Adults Table.

Kids Table. Uhhhh, How come so big difference 1 =.=?

Somehow everyone have to drink with their vegetables? LOL

Adults chities chaties
While they are talking, we kids went upstairs to play computer/playstation.


Uhh.I hate brown sugar!

The dough-destroyer of dough green -thereshouldbemorethanthem-

And the competition between Red, White and Green starts!

Will Green win?

Or red?

My brother is so Emo. xD

And now~ WE ARE UNITED~!! iish~ like real~ XD

Keong's Smiley Face

No one care about him reading. =(

"I TELL U ARH! DON TAKE MY PIC AH!" hek hek hek XD

Keong's ball xD

"I'm gonna make something for Candy. But WHAT!?!?!"

"Heh heh heh, such an idiot" =X OPS?


One of a kind -sawthatpyramidimadeitlol-

Green is going to lose?

My brother's "Spongebob"

Shit O.o

My brother's "Patrick"

"Yes! Yes! I've Done It!!!"

Damn it!

Yung Mun loves Candy. =]

Still Emo?

So green losing?

Red winning?

The winner is~~~~~~

RED!! -seeitoldunoonecareaboutwhite- XD

Grace came late and still get a bigger bowl -.-!

Christmas Eve - 24th December

Practise First~~


"Let me show you my power laH!"
"HAH! You played the wrong key!"

Our Fingers

Pastor Kmeng? XD

Chik Chak~!

All so sad?

The Hor's Brothers And Sisters

Vivian the backup pianist O.O?

Guest Arrive =D

Candy! =D So where's lolipop? XD

You wan me? To sing This? HAH! =X

The Cake?

They stuff this in the turkey butt. Uuhhh~ XP

"Hey hey hey~ Yes people~ Is me~"


Me and Kmeng?

Pay no attention to my finger if you doesn't wanna be the turkey LOL!

The seeker?

My finger is just dirty hokay~ XD

You just like to block eh?


What the heck are they talking?

Mahjong Time XD

My brother in coat?

Carol Time =]

Vivian hates camera?

"Wadaya looking at!?!?!"

Karaoke Time

Jingle Pau Jingle Pau~~~

3 is missing?

There they are =D The Hor's Family Christmas~!!!!


~Karumenu - post of pics