Tuesday, November 6, 2007

here comes my nightmare

" carmen, ben, u better listen carefully." here's when my nightmare starts when my mom start talking to my brother and me.
so i was sitting on the chair as ussual and my brother is playing the basketball in my house as ussual.
Then she continue her "talk" : "Kakak (maid) will be going back soon, you all have to learn to do housework."
Me thinking : well, is not the first time a maid left i guess.
Continue : You all won't get any allowance at the holidays unless you work. Work only can get allowance.
Me : WHAT!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!
Brother : HAH...I SPM WOH~
Mom : People with exam can get priviledge
Me : You're SPM over ady when she go back, still have to work =P.
Mom : oh ya woh. okay. you still have to work.
Me : WOOT!

So..i have to do housework at the holidays just to get allowance
but i was wondering,
what are those allowance for?
i can't go out to shop because of my parents disaproval
i can't even go down to the mini market to buy snacks
i can't even go anywhere!!
i guess those money are just left for books where i only can buy at bookfair and with my parents taking me.
sobz sobz o.0?
i'm gonna post my " 1 day with Carmen WITH Mom performance =D "
uum..Oh ya,
kenny mess wif my old bean.
oh well, i wont give much info about this.
and Uncle Daniel don't angry la =D
Dont get angry for those jerks xD

~Karumenu - is just a boring day =P