Monday, November 26, 2007

The Year Of 2007


Uh huh...
My first year of "Secondary Life Style". LOL!
Well, This year sure happen a lots of stuff.

I joined a new tuition teacher - 颜老师.
And i really enjoy being there.
He's the best teacher i ever met.
The "Last time ME" was mostly shy, doesn't like to talk much to those friends who wasn't close, and doesn't really laugh.
But now, the teacher has change me to brave O.O, talk too much x], and laugh the whole day long.
I can just laugh at stupid or simple stuff =].
He's camp is also a blast. =D
It teaches us to work together, have new friends, be active at all time.
That camp really helped me.
By just that 2 days, I really learned a lot of stuff.
Teamwork are always important.
Nothing will work sucessfully without teamwork.
My teacher always says you doesn't need a friend to do something with you.
You can do by yourself.
Learn to stand by yourself! x]

Besides joining tuition O.O,
I also came to a new school, new surrounding, new environment, new everything O.O.
Is a new life.
I still remember, i came to SMK Seri Mutiara is because 1 of my cousin was there and the school is near by my house.
When i came to the school, my first look - MY GOD! The school is like in the jungle -___-...
Is like trees around O.O but that's fine to me because well...fresh air? x]
My second look - Is that a parking place? So little place oni arh?
Third - The school name board ~ is broken ==...some words already fell out -__-
Forth - What's with the mosque there?
Fifth - Har...the school so small 1 =[
Sixth - Harr...why all the building same colour 1? very easy get lost 1 woh x]
heh heh. yeap. It gave me a very bad impression. =[
Even my first day of school sucks.
My class was a mess.
All my friends are different classes.
And all i do is sitting there like an idiot until teacher call our name ==!
Is really sad =(.
Then i started to know some friends. like siew wei~ amanda~ mei kei~ alfred~ jia wei~
Then our class started to get along =]. We started to play together.
Is really starting to get fun.
Until choosing our kokurikulum, is really a sad case ==.
The choice is soooo little T___T.
Owh well...
On and on, i started to know more friends =D.
More and more and more and more O.o.
And i started to join some activiti and competitions.
Like dancings, performance, quiz etc.
And I notice,
Students in SMK Seri Mutiara Rocks.
Well, not because of our studies.
not because of our athletes.
Is because all of us work together as a family =D.
Our school - form 1 play wif form 4
- form 2 play wif form 3
- form 3 play wif form 1
- form 4 play wif form 2
We all play together, talk together and become buddies in any form.
as like other schools
They only get like - Form 1 with Form 2
- Form 2 with PA
- PA with Form 1
- Form 3 with Form 4
- Form 4 with Form 5
- Form 5 with Form 5

Is like they doesnt care about other form. They just like play with their own form
Not like our school =D.
Our teacher in the school isnt that great too =[.
Some of them really irritateds students.
But some of them are just marvellous =D.
Exspecially our KPJ group.
Is really fun x].

This year for me.
Is a new experience.
Start of a new life.
Beginning of a new lil girl to a teenager x]
2008 is coming. The form 2 life o.o.
pressure? uh huh
Because knowing that PMR is gonna be at form 3.
It really freaks me out.LOL!
Tho, nvr giv pressure =]
As long as u work hard, the result is what you deserve :D

So Looking forward to one of my favorite season - CHRISTMAS!
White christmas x]
Happy Holidays people o.o

~Karumenu - posting something i dont even noe wad i toking about x]

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

6 more days

uh huh T____T
my kakak a.k.a my maid, going bk in 6 more days including today =(
good luck carmen


Monday, November 19, 2007

Lots and Lots and Lots of Things happen =)

some students parents dog =D

Some of our group member legs XD

Can't wait till Tuesday so post it now but only have a little pic =(.

Well...still remember Wednesday o.o?

After school, we have this KPJ aktiviti tali briefing.
Yeah, is nothing much. I just sort of remember it and want to say it out. XD
They just talk about the groups, the ropes, the hooks etc etc.

Thursday (Deepavali Holiday)

Thursday the ussual us went to Amanda house to practise the "dance".
When we reach, we was sort of not moving at all.
Siew wei was sick, awwwwwwwh =(.
We were sitting there, watching at the MV that we should dance.
After a while only we started to move. LOL!
But after a little move, we continue our sitting again. hek hek.
After some sitting, only we remembered our Sivik Folio.
So we take it out and start our work.
Draw, draw, draw. Write, write, write.
Now we left pictures.
When we taking the pictures, siew wei was sleeping because she having fever.
Well obviously, we took pictures of her sleeping. XD
Then we also went to the playground to take SOMEMORE pictures =P.
After taking quite some pictures, dark clouds started to appear.
So we went back to Amanda house and just chit chat until our parents get back =D.

Friday(Deepavali Holiday)

It's just a boring boring day XD


KPJ aktiviti tali =D.
Woke up in the early morning.
After eating breakfast, started leaving the house.
When i reach the school, i saw Amanda and Huey Yi at the entrance.
Meet up with them and not so long Mei Kei came to ^^.
After ticking our attendence, the guy who organise this activiti ordered us to go to our group.
He told us which is our leader and captain.
My group - Kamikaze went to the flying fox first 8).
The flying fox is from the 2nd floor bilik seni to pejabat.
The boys went down first, then it was the girls.
There's only 4 girls in my group - Mei Kei, Amanda, Huey Yi and Me.
Amanda went down first since she was so excited about the whole thing since Gan Yang announce that there will be a flying fox.
Next was Mei Kei, followed by Me and then Huey Yi.
It was whhhheeeeeeeee~!!!!!
After the flying fox, our turn to play the Balancing game & Electric Gates.
The Balancing game was a big bottle filled with water on the center of the mat.
We have to move the mat WITH the bottle without dropping the bottle ( the bottle was standing )
Kinda hard. My group cant make it =(.
Then we play the Electric Gates.
The Electric Gates - They use the football goal cover with lots of string with different holes. We have to take as many member as we could over the other of the goal without touching the string.
Mei Kei was the smallest size, so she hv to keep walking in first to get the record.
Poor Girl. LOL!
We was...not bad i guess.
Tho we still didnt win.
And someone sort of die there O.o?

Haha, nahh~
he just trying to pass the lower part hole XD.
After this game, we went for Abseiling.
Abseiling was quite fun...o.o also?
The abseiling is from the 3rd floor (highest floor) to dataran perhimpunan.
As ussual again, boys went down first.
Then the girls, now my time to go first. Great! =.=
When i my turn to go up the third floor, my leg was like shivering o.o?
nahh~ is not shivering. I reach to third floor i keep jumping to calm myself. LOL!
Then Gan Yang came up to calm me down o.o
When i going down, Amanda went up to third floor and give me some support =D.
After some jumping, jumping, walking, walking, i'm ALMOST done.
Why almost? sure almost la! Haven't take picture also. LOL

Heh heh.
When i reach down, again, i jump and jump again. LOL
Then Yee Khai help me take the hanners off.
Just only after taking it off a little while, suddenly i heard someone shouting for me from third floor.
I look up and saw Gan Yang shouting : CARMEN!! COME UP NOW!! AMANDA SCAREEE !!
I was like WTF!?!?!!? WANT ME RUN UP AGAIN!?!?!
then oh well, sigh, Ran to staircase, Ran to first floor, Ran to second floor -losing energy-, Reach third floor - PUFF PUFF PUFFF PUFFF -, Ran to Amanda - PUUFF!! PPUUUUFFF!!! PPUUUUUUUUFFFF!!! PPPUUUUUUUUUUUFFFFFFFFF!! -.
LOL. Then only know Amanda scare go down. And atlast she also didnt went down
Mei Kei went twice. I wanted too. But then i gave my chance to a Connaught leng lui x)

The last game of all,
The organiser asked us to choose 1 person from each of our group.
And then we each have a pail of water, a empty big bottle and a sponge.
The Chosen Person will be sitting at a distance between the pail and sponge.
Other member was behind the pail and sponge.
Then other member will take the sponge, suck the water from the pail.
Run to the Chosen Person and pour those water on the big bottle on the Chosen Person head.
Our team chosen Hao Yang as the Chosen Person and he became soaked wet =D.
And this is another team.

That little boy is Mr.Chew son. Standard 1. Captain of group Liverpool.
Our team win for that game x).
After this wet game, we have lunch from Connaught school.
Trust me, their food was WAY WAY WAY WAY much better than ours =(
After lunch, while we're waiting for our cars.
We saw a cat. The cat was hungry, so Mr.Chew son gave the cat the left over food
awwwh x)

Then The End =D.
for that day only xD.



lc ppl XD


Went to club badminton and swimming and eating and more badminton. =D


Talent competition is today.
The usual we actually decided doesnt want to dance.
But look at Erwan really want us. So we still continue =(.
Even the costume cost us RM33. o.o
Some black t-shirt and a army pants.
It started with some singing, and solo, duets, group singing.
While duet, a group accidentilly drop the speaker and the speaker spoilded.
So the speaker spoilded and our song can't be played because ours use laptop to play it and no audio cd.
Congratulations, dreams come true. We really didnt dance =P.
We wasnt really dissapointed.


School day, was fun. ^^


Report card o.o
Improved in my results.
But back home was sort of sicky sick =(.


The worse last day of school day, we have our perhimpunan in the dewan. They giv some gifts then the boys go clean their class. Girls just stay in the dewan =).
After cleaning, those who go to the Beryl's Chocolate Factory trip went off.
Left just a little people in the dewan T__________T.
We started off with some reading and chatting, trust me. It really bored us to death.
Plus when i was headache-ing in the dewan, boy is really irritating.
Try staying in the dewan while you cannot make TOO MUCH noise, simply run around, with some teachers looking while other teachers in pejabat with air-cond. It really sucks.
Then recess time was changed to 9.30 - 10.10 for every form.
First time while we have so much time for recess yet we doesn't feel like eating anything.
After recess, we went back to dewan.
Then we started playing some games.
At first it was only 4 of us because Shu Ling didnt came to school today. ( She did a smart choice )
We started to call Old Bean, Seng Foong, Wei Hoe, Zhi Yang to join us in the game.
We play until the one who went to the trip all came back.
We saw Pui Yee and she gave us a box of chocolate and all ( All = Those who were playing games ) of us share the fruit chocolate. It was delicious =D.
Then we saw Thiam Jun, he gave us a heart shaped chocolate box inside with 5 chocolate inside. 4 of us each take 1 and another 1 gave to Old Bean.
After we line up nicely, Pn. Anita came with a list.
THE LIST! She came with THE LIST! Yap, the list of next year class.
But no form 1 list there T____________________________________________T.
So while we're leaving, we saw " ai zhai ". And he gave us each 1 of his big bottle almond chocolate. I took 2, it was too nice =D.
Then at lobby, i saw Uncle Daniel.
Uncle Daniel take out from the plastic bag and gave me a Tiramisu Chocolate.
Then the 3 of them was like chasing me after the chocolate.
Pulled my bag, take my hand, all so ganas o.o...
So in the end, each of them take 2.
I called Amanda to give 2 of the other chocolate to Shu Ling too. ^^
I gave 1 to Pui Yee too since she gave us her chocolate =P.
Then my mom fetch me home and we ate lunch together.
Then reach home, bath and sleep because of fever =(.


Was still having fever

Sunday, Monday

No more fever but having cough and flu =(

~Karumenu - End of the long long long long post

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sicko ==

Yes people, i'm officially sick =(.
So notice that i say i will post new blog but i havent?
Is because my major headache n slight fever is making me die =P.
1 Day trip wif Carmen WITH mother performance i'm not going to post ady.
Well, is because...i'm lazy =P
i'm gonna start with KPJ Aktiviti Tali =D.
with Talent competition
with Poster competition
and my sickness with last day of school =P
BUT not now post =D

~Karumenu - sick =(

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

here comes my nightmare

" carmen, ben, u better listen carefully." here's when my nightmare starts when my mom start talking to my brother and me.
so i was sitting on the chair as ussual and my brother is playing the basketball in my house as ussual.
Then she continue her "talk" : "Kakak (maid) will be going back soon, you all have to learn to do housework."
Me thinking : well, is not the first time a maid left i guess.
Continue : You all won't get any allowance at the holidays unless you work. Work only can get allowance.
Me : WHAT!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!
Brother : HAH...I SPM WOH~
Mom : People with exam can get priviledge
Me : You're SPM over ady when she go back, still have to work =P.
Mom : oh ya woh. okay. you still have to work.
Me : WOOT!

So..i have to do housework at the holidays just to get allowance
but i was wondering,
what are those allowance for?
i can't go out to shop because of my parents disaproval
i can't even go down to the mini market to buy snacks
i can't even go anywhere!!
i guess those money are just left for books where i only can buy at bookfair and with my parents taking me.
sobz sobz o.0?
i'm gonna post my " 1 day with Carmen WITH Mom performance =D "
uum..Oh ya,
kenny mess wif my old bean.
oh well, i wont give much info about this.
and Uncle Daniel don't angry la =D
Dont get angry for those jerks xD

~Karumenu - is just a boring day =P

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Friday aint always good

i not goin to make tis post really good spelling...

it started out thursday nite...
i've got a fight wif weng fai - my kai kor (so kor)
is ady bad enough tt i had a fight wif 1 of my fave bro

so the morning
he pass the kit kat to shuling to giv it to me n amanda as our so call "birthday present"
he wrote me a letter that he's sorry..
i was angry..yet as lots of ppl noe =.=
my angriness is always a while
so i throw the paper n i kept the kit kat offering to share wif shu ling n seira
so we continue to talk around
den is time to Hari Anugerah
it happens to b tat the game - petong that i join last time i get a third place prize too
so i got 3 prize all together - PBSM - kehadiran penuh - petong
after getting those prizes...
we went to SPBT to work more...
so when we jz happen to b recess
n weng fai birthday celebration
we wanted to go he's class but den no one is there yet so we were staying at the canteen
after tat we went to canteen to eat stg
so jz after our eating...the cake is here n we're rdy to go to 3c - weng fai class
we went there n lots of dem already dere...
the 5 of us are the only form 1 student dere n other are form 3
but mostly we aso noe is still fun
i took the camera n end up to letting michelle tan chasing o.o
so shu yin came n help me
it was still fun

den suddenly so kor say go to canteen
cz of at class cannot eat ==
so we went to canteen
den there's mr.chee there
donno wad weng fai told mr.chee
den after that when dey finish talking n mrchee came n ask y r we here
so we pointed at the weng fai group
he say : owwh~ kumpulan haram la...
we were like WTF!?!?!?!
but den we ignore la...
so at the canteen there's another pps
a fat, spec, taller than me boy pps
it was 1 of amanda fren tt i call him fei zai bcz i donno wad's his name
he was eating there
cz it shud b recess time
den after tt kenny suddenly scolded him : "EAT FASTER LA! DISTURBING US BLOW CAKE!"
but den tt time oni amanda heard
n he's saying it when our canteen there's SOOOO MANY table cz oni left bout 3 student in the canteen still eating n our birthday celebration group aint that big
den thiam jun was tapping his shoulder n calling him to eat slowly
jun nam was telling kenny that : "eat too fast not good digestion laa"
even bernard say : "eh kenny, leave it"
yet kenny didnt leave him
n started all 4 of us scold
kenny was like : wad u say? say again
kenny was like pissed n leaved him
tt time everyone was like looking at us
so we walk away from the group n sat down at another bench
but den our angriness cant go off so we jz left the canteen without telling weng fai
we went to SPBT n continue our work

SPBT - we were working there yet i was worryin bout weng fai is goin to get angry or sad. i wanted to go bk but i doesnt wanna face tt idiotic face. so when siew wei say she wanna wash her hand i follow her to the toilet jz to look to the canteen whether there's still ppl or not...n apparently there we still continue went to the toilet n when we went out. weng fai was at the door step while bernard is behind him. i'm still angry so i didnt talk to him n turn around n continue walking to the SPBT. den he was shouting : MUI! THERE GOT CAKE FOR U! yet i still continue walking away. when siew wei n i reach the SPBT..i told amanda n mk bout tis...den suddenly weng fai fren, chean foo says there's cake for u. so we sort of discuss wanna go down n eat or at last we still went down n eat the cake...

canteen again - we sat wif weng fai...we noe tt's he's i jz feed him 2 piece of his look we already noe he's i'm keep pulling he's shirt / pants..sit infront of him...n ask wad happen between u n kenny. he told us they're we continue jz talk around...after tt he went to look for teacher
den we asked sammy to come n it end up all the girls come ==
we asked wad happen jz now after we left...
n they ask asked us wad happen jz now...wad happen between us n kenny
so we tell dem everything...even they cant stand him...
so after chatting a while...weng fai came again n we chat a lil stuff...
den dey went to play basketball n we went bk to SPBT...

but it lookz like SPBT got ruled by the malays who simply do work n spoiling those book...we ignore dem...den we helped a bit n we couldnt stand looking at dem so we left SPBT n wanna go bk to the class

den when we reach to the staircase..the other guy chase us n ask whose the one who record date in the me n mei kei take up our hand...he asked us to go bk to SPBT to help....

so we get he's order n go bk to SPBT n work more...
until is after school...den we getto go bk earlier...
so i waited outside the school gate...
but den after bout 5 mins the school was like left lil ppl...
while i wait i suddenly saw kent walkin to school...
i was like...senior o.o?
den saw him walk to the bus stop
he walk bk tt time was wif dai sou n i oni owwh~~~ take dai sou bk~~ XP
den he keep chuan me wif he's golden medal =.=
atleast i got 2 more sijil..bluerk =X
finally auntie car came n i went bk home

when i online 1 of so kor fren,chean foo AGAIN! come giving me a "lesson" in msn
i doesnt wanna talk much bout tis but the oni thing i mentioning is that I GOT RELY ANGRY AFTER THAT!


~Karumenu - angry