Friday, October 19, 2007

Mr.Gan Camp 30~31 May 2007


30 - 5 - 2007

morning...went to SMK Taman Connaught for gathering. Gathered. Go In Bus, Sang, Reach, go another sort of van or lorry to take us to Dusun Eco Resort n...WALA~! reach =D isn't it easy..haha

soo...we reach n teacher talk some stuff then we started to play game...the game is like...using ur towel cover ur eye..then teacher will seperated ur group *group is seperated by forms* then u hv to find ur self..everyone eye is close so u'll b like...knocking here n there by ppls...ouch =.= anyway...i think form 3 or 4 won tt game...thennnn....they aso got sing Negaraku...blah blah something those stuff laa...then we sing sing sing~ sing sing more~ sing more more~ then we get our bed..n finally opstical coarse*donno how it spell* time...

is like SOOO fun? XD at first...we hv to climb the wall..then got walking on ropes...n 1 time i was like waiting for my turn...teacher call me go first...then he went behind me n SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE THE ROPE...HAND ROPE LEG ROPE ALL SHAKE...everyone on the rope waas like shaking to the front, shaking to the back, shaking shaking shake ur whole time a few ppl fall..but then i didn't =D lucky me..muahahahah...even when other boys on down there they trying to take out my shoe...i was wearing sneaker then they pulling out my front button*shoe* n i was like..WTH!?!?! HOW TO WALK LIKE idiotic "dog" aso go push my leg...i say in not pushing the rope...HE PUSH MY WHOLE LEG N TT MAY CAUSE ME FELL WIF INJURY!! HE IS SUCH A BRAINLESS BOY! SUCH IDIOT...puff -.- let's dun let tis idiot spoild our mood..soo...we continue...blahhh...continue la...i lazy to say now my hands n leg r all...pain =.= pain =.= n more pain =.=

then tea time...n WATER TIME~! we went..played water polo...played the old tradisional game - Monkey...n aso...splashing...n played quite a long time n the water is freaking cold...then we again listen teacher talk...

then b4 talent time...i n my partner danced cha cha..danced n talent time~ got dancing, singing, gimnastic, chinese gasing & some talking 1...quite funny XD

then time to teach cha cha...n we also got dance lots of dances..

then about 1am our free time..i stay till bout 3 oni went to sleep..

31 - 5 - 2007

sooo..nex day 8.30 woke up automaticly =D wash face, brush teeth...went for breakfast - fried mee & fried rice plus hot coffee...we were eating n chat eat chat n suddenly Carol shouted : OMG~! then everyone on the same table was like looking at her =.=|| then she say got ant...we were like -.- wth? then she ant in the mee...then everyone straight away look at their on plate O.O everyone was like...wth? ant!?! eww man...but then still eat...another girl say there's ant too -.- so everyone was like lost appetite n dun wanna eat anymore -.-

soo...we went for second opstical course...quite fun =D after that...teacher call us go to flying fox...n everyone was like WOO HOO~! HURRAY~! we walk up to the stairs...*puff puff* but then not so long la..jz quite short...walk on top rest a while...then we hv to walk the hanging tall? so long? so...scary? XD but then...we still walk~ walking till 1/4...some of them started to b the form 2 ppl sang "朋友" then we followed to sing.. la la la~ but then finish singing is still not even 2/4...n everyone was like WHY THE HECK IT IS SO LONG!?!??! anyway...the girl infront of me was like...freaking out? n so is the back then is started to sing ABC to calm them down n call them sing together..n we're all singing kids song~ WHEE~! so fun...hahaha...continue walking walking...FINALLY WE REACH...

n walk not so far away...we reach the flying fox...wheeeeee~!

we look down n we were like...omg? so...still looking foward n the girl infront of me (girl#1) was still AHHH~! OMG~!! SO SCARE~! ARGHH~! I WANNA GO BACK~! MOMMY~!! =.= such idiot n girl#2 ( girl behind of me ) was like calming her down? like real oni...she aso at there freaking out... n me n girl#3 was like fooling around there...ngek ngek ngek XD...then we say it n her will b the last 1 to go down...when we go..all of them mz b at down there waving their hands while girl#3 when we went down...she started to sing wif her eye close...n mine was like...spinning? o.0? wth? mine was like looking backward ady sooo..i jz wave to the top ppl..heh heh...then when i turn it back..i saw them waving there...WHEE~! time i cant stop laughing...n the girl#3 was like singing so freakng loud...dono wat the hell is wrong wif her...when we reach down..we say tq for supporting us...blah blah like on a concert..heh heh..i noe is lame..XD then all went down n everyone was like SO HIGH..haha

whee~! lunch time now...i forgotten wat we eat but then is quite nice =D after yumm yumm...we went to dewan for gathering...we're gonna play TRESSURE HUNT~

Tressure Hunt - The Pirates Of The Carribean

is the name XD sooo...let's start =D each team got RM1000...on the table there's stuff like : sponge, matches, match box, balloon, compass, tourch light, food n etc (i forgotten..heh heh) n u hv to buy it help to solve ur problem

first round : go to basketball court,some member go take balloon n fill water...leader go get the clue ( clue = use it when u cant solve the game ) n run bk to basketball court...everyone reach..then 1 VS 1 team WATER BALLOON FIGHT~! like each team (there's 6 team ) there's a paper on the floor...u cant sit on it or use anything to cover it...opponent will use their water balloon n throw towards ur paper...n u'll hv to use ur own brain to try to save ur paper from getting wet...n i was 1 of the like BEEE~(whistle blow) n everyone was like RUNNING~! SHOOT~! SPLASH~! there goes my pants...soke wet...untill out of balloon n the whistle blow again...teacher check...out of 6 teams...only got 1 team there's A LITTLE BIT dry spot..haha..lucky them...soo...they got the clue n RUN LIKE A WIND~! then teacher say if the other team wanna get their nex round clue...hv to think of a my team was like...errmm errm...let's jz say...GREEN TEAM GREEN TEAM SURE WIN! n we say it n we get it XD...such smart ppl we r..heh heh..

second round : we get n we hv to go to some place place...n try to save a girl...the girl was like tie on the hand n leg but not so tight we use our matches to burn it n she told us the clue was behind the house...we were like...o.o? behind? OKAY OKAY..JZ GO FIND...then looking here n there...full of trees n grasses n our paper was so hard to find =.= then she ask we got buy food or not..if got then let her eat n she'll say where it is..but then we didn't buy cz trying to save money here..heh heh..then she say wat about sing a song together? then i was like suddenly faster sing 两只老虎 then they sing together too...then she told us the clue is somewhere over that side? we look look..n i was like looking near the house? suddenly there's a paper under the wall ( wall is like made of steel those type 1 part come out another part flat 1.. ) so i was like OMG~! THERE IT IS!! then everyone YESS~! sooo...we read n....

third round : have to go to the pondok beside our dewan...the aunty there giv us 1 paper wif lots of word?...she told us we hv to find a place which we is the next round is...but then we were like looking looking looking...cant find? so she told us there's 3 name...n everyone was like OHHH~! OKAY OKAY~! very easy..we found it..heh heh..

fouth round : we go somewhere near the basketball court n the second opstical course there n teacher gave us a paper full of maths question...ewww!!! we count count count...then go 1 of the opstical course there to find the answer number...found it by the question..behind got word..u see n there's another island name...

fifth round : go that island *dewan inside* n teacher say our clue is somewhere there? we were looking for SOOO LONG MAN~! when we find suddenly a girl from our team say she found it...she open n we all seeing...n we were like WTH!??! IS EMPTY!! O.O zha dao! teacher say we all kena fool! so we were like...arghhh...continue looking...finally teacher tell us is inside the dewan at stage we find find n someone look behind the white board..n whee~!...

sixth round : we ran to beside the swimming pool...there's a green land there...GREAT! MORE GREEN! n find find find...tis aso wasted a lot of hard to find cz the place was like quite big...n when everyone almost give up we found it XD n is at the swimming pool? teacher was like keep calling us to check izzit correct...we keep see n even show to teacher...IS CORRECT!! then teacher check her paper...then she ask us wat group...recheck her paper..then she team so fast...ur team should b the last 1 to come but then now is like 2nd or 3rd to came already n we were WOO HOO~! YEAA~! GREAT! then teacher say fill the water without any cups or cans into the pail till the line n without moving the pail...the pail was like 3 steps away from the swimming pool...the girls took their handcachieve *dunno how to spell* n i was like doin the job while they looking? o.0? then leader call all boys take their shirts out n help to collect the water...we were like...FASTER FASTER *puff puff* FASTER FASTER * DARN! SO TIRED! CHANGE PPL!* n continue...puffffff....finally reach ady teacher gave us the nex round clue paper

seventh round : we hv to go captain there...the paper u hv to sort of burn but dun burn it to see the words..then we use candle n erm...panggang it? quite hard...then..i lazy to descript so much...let's jz say..we took a very very long time, n borrow some money from captain to buy the matches...n finally we oni can see half of the paper? then a teacher came to help us...then oni we noe hv to take a green silver sword from a teacher n giv it to captain...then we saw a teacher holding swords behind her n we ask n she trying to waste our time but still giv it to us XD when we gave to captain n follow wat captain blah blah blah...suddenly a team came bk n TEACHER TEACHER~! WE FOUND THE TRESSURE~! TEACHER~!!! n we were like looking cz tt time we jz wanna get the LAST CLUE TO NOE WHERE THE TRESSURE IS...DARNN~!! n we were looking n o.0? o least we hv fun =D then we was like lying on the dewan floor n WAAA...SO TIRED XD n wait other team come bk hahaha...XD

there was the tressure hunt...after tt is time for feeling times? blah blah blah..the ussual lor...tq teacher...learn a lot stuff...n so on~

then we go tea time~ tea time is like...aso nice but then i donno wat those stuff call XD let's jz eat..heh heh...after eating teacher say take bag go dewan then we were fast go bk? T.T so sad...

after sadding...we went up the lorry go bk down n went to the bus -.- bus....most ppl slept...some ppl play...some ppl chat..n some ppl fooling around...hahaha...

reach SMK Taman Connaught...then buh bye...T.T