Friday, October 19, 2007

Mendaki Bukit (Satuday) + Go People Kampung (Sunday) = Body Aching (Monday)

wah..long time no post liao..'s a part for errm..amanda...guess she rely angry..hahah


errm...i donno wat to scold...i think others let amanda scold?


bk to the daki bukit =]* is gonna b a short 1 la*

morning : woke up late n hv no breakfast...again..x] so i went waiting for bus den went to bus wif my pjk the bus oni me wearing tt...sooo...veli veli weird..hahaha

den went to tapak perhimpunan as usual around first lorh...

den started perhimpunan like out of all of the student of SMK SM oni 1/8 student came..the place is like soooo spacy...form 4 group no come...form 3 oni some came..form 2 barely saw...n form 1 the most as usual n i donno y they come for..

after perhimpunan...someone call KPJ member who goin for daki bukit...den we went out lorh..n made to group..den teacher giv us 20 min for breakfast at canteen but canteen havent even cook so i hv no chance to eat 2 pack of apolo oni...sad -.-!!

so after tt we went bus stop n wait for bus...when bus come oni noe tt's the bus tt i went to school or bk from school everyday? is the same bus -.-!! darn it...rm5 n get tis bus..."worth" it..haha the bus we were chatting, singing, n mostly shouting..haha

reach n mr.chew lead us to do warm up n stretching..

den here we 1...wah..tired enough...

lv 2...starting no stregth n my lips gone white wif my dizzy head? O.O so i told leader n leader gave me sweet n let me rest...n i continue climbing..

climbed to lv 3...n i hv strength ady when goin down..n full of energy tt type -.-!! weird huh...haha..

n...we wait bus in the house at daki kaki there la..den Samuel took his dog here n none of them tell me tt the dog is there -.-!! I WANNA SEE THE DOGGG!! ISSS SOOOO DARNNN CUTEEE T_T i wanna see T_T~!

so..bus came n...tada =.= we when bk to school wif raining weather

nite time went dinner wif big uncle n small aunty..den we went The Curve to lepak...lepak - lepak n saw small uncle wif some went small uncle house n sit sit yam cha...until bout 12 oni went bk home..think bout 1 oni i slept

Kampung *tis 1 aso short 1 lar...i don rely hv mood to write*

woke up morning 6 n prepare...

about 7/8 reach Uncle Alan house n hade breakfast..yumm

n bout 10 leave the house n vrooom~! to the kampung..

i not sure wat they hv at their journey cz for tt 3 hours i were sleeping in the car like a piggeh~!

den reach there we ate durian, mangosteen, rambutan etc..

soo..we walked the orchard n walk till half got tired..

so Uncle Alan walk back n drive the jip to take us a ride..WHEE~!!! TREES ON THE HEAD *everyone squad fun*

n...came more.. n..well...bath n i sleep in the living room chair again cz too tired...

woke up n is time to go..

went in car..sleep again..HAHAHA...i donno wat am i there for aso..

sleep sleep sleep..mayb too tired >.<

end of post la...i don wanna type anymore