Friday, October 19, 2007

KPJ Lantern Festival ~! 20 - 9 - 2007

yep..tis was the day..

the day me n amanda n mei kei n siew wei been waiting for 2 days XD

mm 20 - 9 - 2007

i was at school..wheeee -.- as usual nothin much to say..

after school..kyle n his malay fren - amirul came my house playground n play..n den here came gan yang -.-

so after their playing..amirul went bk n left kyle n gan they went chatting wif me in the comp room while i ignoring dem playing my comp trying not to listen their voice..=x

after webcam-ing wif yong shan..i forgot wad happen even though is jz yesterday..kyle suddenly hit me wif his stick that he bought for self-protection..

YES! HE HIT ME HARD...n he DARE TO SAY he think b4 doing...



u hit me i didnt giv any responce even though i wanna kick ur ass out of my house that moment until the night CAUSE U HIT ME AT 5 N UNTIL 7 MY HAND STILL HURTS..not only that..ur stupid self-protection thing put everywhere n let my dad saw n he keep scolding me for donno wad the hell is that b4 u told me wat is tht junk!

when they going back..atleast gan yang still noe how to say thx. BUT DEN!!! sui yee khai jz say : y say thank you to her? she aso nvr do anything

well thankfully..tis is wad i admire gan yang for..he respect EVERYONE!..yep..he told : she got the power to kick us out but she didnt. n somemore we ate her house food n we disturbed her...

yep..thx gan yang ^^

so after they're gone..i continue comp until 7 stg..dinner n my dad called me to bring pepper spray..swt == den i go to Hao Yang's house by my mom's car...i was late actually XD..anyway..

firstly..hao yang told bout lantern festival story n half way...ARRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. yep...yee khai was "killed"

me n amanda was actually 1 of the helper for KPJ in this case...we were suppose to hide when gan yang was having his speech bout yee khai's "death"

but den we found it hard to move away from mei kei n siew we jz asked dem to follow us..while we were running to the hiding place...there were a few ppl who saw us run but donno wads happening..n on the way there..daniel n another girl saw us we went to the hiding place..n while we waiting there..daniel n the girl came to hao yang house aso -.- ... dey took the lantern n saw mei kei..argh ==! so gan yang ask us wanna change place or not..n he suggested bus stop...n we were like WAT!?!?! BUS STOP SO LATE!?!? CRAZY MEH! SO DARK..n den he called us to wait n kyle came n ask wanna hide at mamak or not..we all agree but den gan yang called us to go back cause the members like doesnt wanna play the case..sooo..sigh..we jz went bk n play lantern..den mr.chew take us holding lantern n walk a whole round around the feild..some ppl went out n see wad's the noise cz lot of us r talking, singing n mostly playing XD but we jz ignore dem..

so after walking..there's some food n den we jz keep all those rubbish..n Mr.Chew take us to mamak n belanja us drink..whee~!!!

so we 4, huey yee, thiam jun n wei jian was behind the big batch la..den they use the dark not so long lorong to walk there...we followed..while dey turn we were there..even though we were scare but we know tt even we hv stg happen we easy to get help aso la..

reach mamak..den we order..n chat...suddenly Wan Zhuin run to here n say : SOMEONE GOT ROB*in mandarin* n everyone got shocked..den everyone asked who..she said n den gan yang n yee khai call her to bring dem dere ADVANCE! samuel followed too with a bike but he was the last -.- jerry wanted to follow but donno y he suddenly come bk..

when we heard the news..we were SUPER SCARE...n thought of how many time we walked alone n i wasnt having pepper spray on that mommeny...we straight away keep our hp n n keep an eye on our bag. everyone was shocked..den after asking ppl..

they sort of walking at the SAME LORONG..but oni those 3 girls were was behind but way behind..they was playing with their hp there..suddenly saw 3 motorbike n 6 ppl were there..they ride towards dem...the girls got scare so they jz walk near the parked car for in case..YET..the motorbike realy stop at dem n rob dem...1 of the girl try to resist yet she got a kick on her leg n knocked her head or was told tt those bikers got weapon on their hands...yes is scary...after they got jz oni reach the lorong n saw they were crying...den they aso called the police. as for result, the bikers robbed 2 bags n 1 of the girl handphone.

yep..tis society is scary..even though is just a may happen anything...

the lucky thing is they only rob..they didnt do any other stuff...

suspects from our KPJ members : maybe when we were walking around the field tt time some ppl saw a lot of youth dere n mostly girls...playing hp all those..they faster plan n attack when they had a chance...

so advise to ppl out there..pls becareful n try not to go on a dark place alone...try to find some ppl u noe n walk wif u at the night. yes..i last time doesnt rely believe wad my mom always says...but now...i dare not even go out in the night anymore...even if u do go out..try to bring some protection. for girls..u can bring pepper spray if u wan like wad i took tt may b available at 7-11...boys can keep some sticks like wad kyle kept...but den don take out to fight for just for self protection...

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~Karumenu!~ in fear