Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Shocking =D

Is Wednesday (31 October 2007). We're having a rehearsal for Hari Anugerah which is on Friday.

So after our assembly, all of the students and teacher went to the hall. After all the students and teachers sit down. Before the rehearsal starts, suddenly teacher called some names to have the qualification to get a prize.
1 by 1 it started to anounce, everyone almost fell asleep. It was the sports first. Then they started to announce for " Kehadiran Penuh " meaning full atendence for the whole year.
When it comes to 1E, the teacher called out : Chan Yat Yin, Chaw Kok Hong, Lai Chun Kiet, Kelvin Yong, Leong Wai Loong * By this time, Mei Kei start telling me : Our class the girls sure won't be called * , Wong Du Hon, Hor Kah Mun * I've got shocked O.O *, Law Siew Wei * YESSS! SHE ASO KENA XDDD *

So we went out and teacher take us to our line, but then some of the badminton winner can't get their prize because of some tournament on Friday. Sad case for them. Sob Sob XD. When teacher ask the girls who can be their representer, she straight away saw me and amanda then command us to go to the badminton line as representer. Great! ==. So Amanda will be representing some girl named Ho Jia Ling, and i'll be representing our friend, Vivien Ng. But then Amanda have to go up to the stage another time to take Ho Jia Ling prize for Ping Pong.

The rehearsal starts. =D

The V.I.P will come in and students have to stand up. After the V.I.P. sits only we can sit. Then it'll start by the old house way - singing Negaraku.
Then it'll be choir group to perform 2 song on the stage.

Then it starts the prize giving. Badminton winner were on the first line to go up, so after bowing, shaking, taking, thank you-ing, giving. I went back to the place where we line up, yet Amanda have to go up another time which make her hair messy. LOL!

After a very long time at the line, finally is our turn to go up.We did the same thing, and then we went walking around. Just not long later, is recess time. Amanda sister a.k.a. my god sis - Brenda Law made a sandwich for me =D but then we share it.

So after the rehearsal, choir member - Amanda, Sylvia & Shu Ling have to go for practise. So left Mei Kei and I chatting around our old bean - Weng Wah.
After we got bored, we went to SPBT to do some work. We went there and peel the sticker of from the book and also chop our school name in the book. After we did a pile, we left again and went back to our classroom.

We went back and chat with Pui Yee and our old bean. We also played 2 games of UNO and continue chatting until few of the 1F student came and told us that Pn. Lily came and look for Mei Kei and I.

We look for Pn.Lily and she say she want the computer code to be done or not we have to come back during holiday. One of the student from SPBT will come and teach us.

Then we went to take our school bag and went to SPBT to do MORE WORKS! We have to type the code and quantity AND the dates of the borrowed book. We work until after school and we went back home.

And now, i'm here =D infront of the computer. And you're looking at my post with some specific English due to Junn Mun said my blog sounds funny because is not wif proper English. So now i have to improve my English by bloggie. woot! XD

~Karumenu - in sleepy mood

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Below is Shu Teng's Best Post ever. We shouldn't say that, it should be the best post ever for girls who got played before.
Read it carefully.
Doesnt care? Don't like it?
We don't care!

Shu Teng's Blog Post : "

Really la guys,if u planning to hurt us in the end...why care to start?
why must make our hearts break for u? please dun hurt us anymore la..

We are human..not toys...not when u want to then '' baby i love you so much..i miss you so much today you know??" then after that? gaming + friends...dun expect us to be here for u in the end la..later we do something else,ignore your sms for 5 minutes : '' why u ignore me la..u noe i so charm waiting for you sms here?? " Ever thought wad we feel when waiting for your sms when u were so busy gaming?

Don't think just because u say u love us so much,then everything is enough..why we want a bf? because we want someone to care bout us ma..not to say '' i love you baby,soooo much " then ignore us in one corner , n go gaming + friends. And when we have problems..when we feel scared..wanna feel safe in your arms..or wanna tell you our problems..dun say " dun be scared,i'll always be here for you ok? " then at last? ter-sleep.

Sometimes , we don't mind ba..cause..guys also have freedom ma..cannot everyday also stick with you ba..we not saying that you all cannot go gaming or spend time with your friends , cause..all this also have to do la..but..please dun overspend your time there..and expect us to be here 24 hours to be there for you for that 5 minutes you were feeling a little lonely .

We have our limits..OK , u want time on your gaming + frens..we dun mind la..go la..but please dun overdo it.. u tired,want sleep OK,but please tell us 1st, dun make us feel like stupid idiots waiting up all night for your reply when u r in yr sweet dreams.. when we say , we no mood , dun want to do something, then dun force la..we have maruah diri also la..not here for u to scold then act like nothing happen...

Lolz..thats all i wanna shong? u reli think i care? My blog , my freedom. Take it or leave it."

rox huh...agree to shu teng..U ROX GIRL!

~Karumenu in admire LOOL!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


wheeeeeeeeeeeeee ==~

PMR week...for my class..i just got 2 days holiday...shessh ==! thursday n friday..but the lucky thing bout it is that friday~~~ nite~~~ I GO TO REDANG~~!! bahahahah XD
sooo~~ on friday nitewe started to go to my auntie's house first...but den i guessed we're just too early...we just hang around there n den went to mamak due to our "too early scedule"...after eating..we left n vrooom~!the whole nite i've been trying to sleep but den thx to me sitting at the mom n auntie was keep talking talking talking...n made me awake..i cnt sleep so i chat wif my dad n listen to the den..i heard my fren called to radio..haha..yep..she told bout stg stg...den...blah == cant giv much info bout tis. so finally mom n auntie sleep..i get to sleep nicely...but den sleep a while i woke up again cause is breakfast time ==..i was like WAD THE!?!...oh well ~~...den go eat at at china road there...the bread was nice though XD after eating we went walking around while waiting for the ferry...

Ferry - so inside the ferry...there isnt much like each person can get 3 i get 1 line i lie on there...most of the time i playing cards wif my dad ..cho di..haha..* i win him so many time*..ngekz ngekz ngekz...den i fell asleep..heh heh...reach there ady..

when we reach..IS AMAZING~! aint the place we're staying

the beach view~~

bah...clear water~~

the thingy who took our laugage...

those thing where u sleep on it...

and here's the lobby!*y am i so excited =.=*

i bcz dere's this thingy thingy where u can leave ur msg =D lookz nice =P..err..the picture senget le =x

when we get our room…we put our lauguage…I see the schedule..den..well..ntg much
sooo..while we pack, i left lucky dere =D

kaka..den we went walking around n took lots of pic...but den..well..ya noe…
take very long oni can I lazy =x..there’s well...
cake shop*inside got internet =D*...
mini market...
souvenir shop...
snorkeling centre...
diving class/centre...
dive café *its beside diving centre =D XP*

after that…is lunch time...wheeeeee XD
the food was normal actually..ntg special =X

well after lunch..we went to the room to stay there a while…
den after that we went to the beach =D
BEACH WAS FUUUUNNNNN first i dare not go i saw a fish =x
n got freak out XP
after that i still went in n play...i cant STAND THOSE WAVEEE
wad can i say?
the water was sometimes cold sometimes hot...
the water is clear
the beach is clean
the environment is great
the sun is not hot
n the most syok is that THERE'S NO FISHHHHH WOOOO HOOOO XD

after the beach we went to the snorkelling
the boat was well...normal?
n we very fast den reach the place le
so after tat my dad went in first...den i went in...
water was fine...
its a lil cold..
den when i look down to the water...
bah..but this is not the first time for snorkeling so i didnt freak out...
tho i dono y i freak out at the beach ==!!!
mmm...many many fishes...
there's different kind!
yeap =D is amazing...too bad i didnt hv a underwater camera T_T
there's corals too~! the corals r mostly of ppl keep stepping on it n littering...
man..i rely wish our school will do stg bout the pollution...
dont cha noe tt about 50years later...
our world is rely gonna b a disaster if we dont recycle more?
my god ==..kaykay..continue my story

we aso saw many sea cucumbers...ewwww...
is black n =X
the person who take us to the snorkel catch the sea cucumber n show us
atfirst i didnt noe
den he was behind me
suddenly he tap my bk
i look behind n i ACCIDENTILLY terkena the sea cucumber n the sea cucumber is RIGHT INFRONT OF ME! MY GOSH!!!!! SO SCARY
i straight away swim away den my dad tell the guy don take it here cz is scaring me n my mom XD
after tt we continue...
den my auntie called us to go the other side cz there's the about 1 hand big sea cucumber..i refuse =.=
she aso say the coral there nice but den i nvr went...
after tt i wanted to go bk up to the boat cz tired xP
after tt the other guy called me when i swimming bk wif my dad...
he ask me whether i saw the sea cucumber ady or not hows the conver go
he: sudah tengok hai shen? *sea cucumber in chinese*
me: yaya sudah sudah
he: mau tengok lagi?
dad:tak mau la..dia takut
he: kenapa takut?
me: sangat geli laaa
he: saya angkat ah ah
me: ARRHHHH!! *swim away*
he: *laughing*
me: yorr...penipu
he: HAH! PENIPU *swim down*
me: ARRHHHHHHHHHHHHH *swim near to the stair case up to the very near...*
he:*suddenly come from infront of me**take out 1 hand* HAH!
me: *look at the hand..notice he lying* eeeee...jahat
he: *take another hand* * a sea cucumber there* hahahha~~ *laughing evily*
dad:aiyor...go go..i take u up dere
he: *still laughing*
me: *scare to half death...went laughed by my mom ==!!*

yepp...after tt..i didnt went in ady...tooo scare

after snorkel...went bk n we went to tea time...
tea time aso normal n after tea time we went to the beach again..LOOOL
my dad went to beach the other side we play...
there got lots of fishes...
they keep forced me down..yet i got so scare T_T
den my dad take me standing on a rock..
n infront of me...
hahaha..i got so scare i call my dad take me bk cz i surrounded by fishes..
after tt i went sitting on the chair n jz look see until they bk
so we play until very late...
den we went n bath le...dinner - bbq...
den after dinner we went walk around again...
den after hving supper...
went to room...bed...
i straight away fall asleep...

2nd day in redang

morning wake up...
waited for mom tt time gamble wif my dad....AGAIN XD
after gambling n prepared...went breakfast..
n take pics again xP
den we went to laguna to get some info
while walking..i wrote my name on the sand n take pic XD
den when we reach..
laguna was big...
n we went to see their rooms...
there's tis sign saying no feeding the monkey? O.O
the room there was quite nice n cheap
after tt we walk around...
den saw More More Tea Inn
they hv tis board there u put ur face in n the body there XD...
is quite cute
after tt somemore got tis huge heart shape flower...very very nice..
i took pic wif my mom xP

den after there...we walk over the bridge...den i jz went a while...
my dad was there den he suddenly call us to go bk..
so when we walk...
is soooooooo...bunch...
a whole bunch...
man ==!!
my dad is there...he feeding those fishes...
soo..after tt we doesnt hv the time..
went to ferry...
n ntg to talk much la..
jz until late nite oni reach home lorr..

after THAT holiday...
it was exam week...
bah...forget bout those exams...

den it was hari raya holiday
hari raya i didnt went anywhere..
instead my cousin came n we play n swim together for days...
he stay over nite at my house =D
n holiday is jz 1 week =.=
cant enjoy nicely aso...
cz hv to study for more exams
n some reasons comes the exams again for tis week...
MERDEKAAAA!!!! here comes the result..x[
sooo...tis post took well...REALLY REALLY LONG to post XD
welll..finally is posted =D
hv fun =)


~Karumenu~ emofied!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tagged XD!

tagged by kentzai ==!!!

1. Tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag 8 other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.

Points about the special 'him' :
1. taller than me =D atleast...160cm i oni 153 XD!!
2. a sweet smile plus dimple xP
3. care n love me
4. well...normal ppl aso wan leng zai la XD
5. enough money for me to spend? LOOOOOL!
6. move around wif my fren...
7. understand my problems
8. good in jokes xD..i like to laugh =P

me gonna tag~~
1. kyle!
2. uncle daniel!
3. yong shan!
4. xue yi =D
5. ultraman

bah..i guess 5 is enough =P
anyway..the Holiday post is well...very late..but den i trying my best to do upload the pic nid very long time..
so don blame me if nex post doesnt hv many pic...
hard to upload leh T_T
but i'll write asspecific as i can in the holiday post =D


Friday, October 19, 2007

KPJ Lantern Festival ~! 20 - 9 - 2007

yep..tis was the day..

the day me n amanda n mei kei n siew wei been waiting for 2 days XD

mm 20 - 9 - 2007

i was at school..wheeee -.- as usual nothin much to say..

after school..kyle n his malay fren - amirul came my house playground n play..n den here came gan yang -.-

so after their playing..amirul went bk n left kyle n gan they went chatting wif me in the comp room while i ignoring dem playing my comp trying not to listen their voice..=x

after webcam-ing wif yong shan..i forgot wad happen even though is jz yesterday..kyle suddenly hit me wif his stick that he bought for self-protection..

YES! HE HIT ME HARD...n he DARE TO SAY he think b4 doing...



u hit me i didnt giv any responce even though i wanna kick ur ass out of my house that moment until the night CAUSE U HIT ME AT 5 N UNTIL 7 MY HAND STILL HURTS..not only that..ur stupid self-protection thing put everywhere n let my dad saw n he keep scolding me for donno wad the hell is that b4 u told me wat is tht junk!

when they going back..atleast gan yang still noe how to say thx. BUT DEN!!! sui yee khai jz say : y say thank you to her? she aso nvr do anything

well thankfully..tis is wad i admire gan yang for..he respect EVERYONE!..yep..he told : she got the power to kick us out but she didnt. n somemore we ate her house food n we disturbed her...

yep..thx gan yang ^^

so after they're gone..i continue comp until 7 stg..dinner n my dad called me to bring pepper spray..swt == den i go to Hao Yang's house by my mom's car...i was late actually XD..anyway..

firstly..hao yang told bout lantern festival story n half way...ARRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. yep...yee khai was "killed"

me n amanda was actually 1 of the helper for KPJ in this case...we were suppose to hide when gan yang was having his speech bout yee khai's "death"

but den we found it hard to move away from mei kei n siew we jz asked dem to follow us..while we were running to the hiding place...there were a few ppl who saw us run but donno wads happening..n on the way there..daniel n another girl saw us we went to the hiding place..n while we waiting there..daniel n the girl came to hao yang house aso -.- ... dey took the lantern n saw mei kei..argh ==! so gan yang ask us wanna change place or not..n he suggested bus stop...n we were like WAT!?!?! BUS STOP SO LATE!?!? CRAZY MEH! SO DARK..n den he called us to wait n kyle came n ask wanna hide at mamak or not..we all agree but den gan yang called us to go back cause the members like doesnt wanna play the case..sooo..sigh..we jz went bk n play lantern..den mr.chew take us holding lantern n walk a whole round around the feild..some ppl went out n see wad's the noise cz lot of us r talking, singing n mostly playing XD but we jz ignore dem..

so after walking..there's some food n den we jz keep all those rubbish..n Mr.Chew take us to mamak n belanja us drink..whee~!!!

so we 4, huey yee, thiam jun n wei jian was behind the big batch la..den they use the dark not so long lorong to walk there...we followed..while dey turn we were there..even though we were scare but we know tt even we hv stg happen we easy to get help aso la..

reach mamak..den we order..n chat...suddenly Wan Zhuin run to here n say : SOMEONE GOT ROB*in mandarin* n everyone got shocked..den everyone asked who..she said n den gan yang n yee khai call her to bring dem dere ADVANCE! samuel followed too with a bike but he was the last -.- jerry wanted to follow but donno y he suddenly come bk..

when we heard the news..we were SUPER SCARE...n thought of how many time we walked alone n i wasnt having pepper spray on that mommeny...we straight away keep our hp n n keep an eye on our bag. everyone was shocked..den after asking ppl..

they sort of walking at the SAME LORONG..but oni those 3 girls were was behind but way behind..they was playing with their hp there..suddenly saw 3 motorbike n 6 ppl were there..they ride towards dem...the girls got scare so they jz walk near the parked car for in case..YET..the motorbike realy stop at dem n rob dem...1 of the girl try to resist yet she got a kick on her leg n knocked her head or was told tt those bikers got weapon on their hands...yes is scary...after they got jz oni reach the lorong n saw they were crying...den they aso called the police. as for result, the bikers robbed 2 bags n 1 of the girl handphone.

yep..tis society is scary..even though is just a may happen anything...

the lucky thing is they only rob..they didnt do any other stuff...

suspects from our KPJ members : maybe when we were walking around the field tt time some ppl saw a lot of youth dere n mostly girls...playing hp all those..they faster plan n attack when they had a chance...

so advise to ppl out there..pls becareful n try not to go on a dark place alone...try to find some ppl u noe n walk wif u at the night. yes..i last time doesnt rely believe wad my mom always says...but now...i dare not even go out in the night anymore...even if u do go out..try to bring some protection. for girls..u can bring pepper spray if u wan like wad i took tt may b available at 7-11...boys can keep some sticks like wad kyle kept...but den don take out to fight for just for self protection...

End Of Post

~Karumenu!~ in fear

Kuantan ( Sungai Lembing ~ Cherating ) & International Fireworks Competition & Good News

well~~ i wasnt in the mood to write but wad ta doo...ppl are waiting for my post..LOLZ XD

soo...start from the trip..


well...bout 10pm leave house go to gathering place..den sit..n go to nex gathering the whole way until bout 1 got 1 stop..n bout 4 another stop n 5 reach the mountain.. -.- simple huh x]

so we stop for a while n start to climb...walk walk walk...omg o.o almost drop..climb...walk stair fell down again...walk walk...n more walk...untill bout 6:30am we reach the hv to wait till bout 6:50 - 7 oni the sun will come out...

wait wait already 7...bright ady...yet no sun appear...swt -.-!! 7:10...shit == the sun is blocked by those bunch of clouds..unlucky we oni saw a bit after the sun go higher..

den we climb down...n wanted to eat breakfast at famous place but den the place move already so we sit n order ady oni noe we went the wrong store...darn it -.- siu yok aso no open tt day...shesshh..unlucky..

so after that..we went to some some museum...they giv us 30 mins cz is jz a small 1..wif no one inside -.-~~ mayb cause is Thursday...not public holiday o.0 but den we jz use 15mins n we walk the whole small n boring XD

den after that we went lunch..uumm..we went to some some coffee shop intro by AH XIAN go there left bread oni...all those nasi lemak n noodle mai sai jorr..den we jz eat bread lorr..

den after that we went the chalet...quite nice...peacefull...quite..beach sweet XD but den went wanna go relax tt time suddenly the bus stuck in the sand o.0? so my dad hv to help due to his 1 of the part time tour guide i aso dare not ownself go 1 laa...i went keeping my things..when i walking on the staircase fall down == damn i jv hanging at the swing tayar there waiting dem to fix it after packing my stuff...den 1 of my uncle * driver * went to find those...uumm..troller? o.o?

den me n my dad went to beach..WHEE~!! THE WAVE SO BIGG..i sitting there ownself let the wave push me to shore..wheee~!!!!! n some wave even higher than my head when i sitting down..WHEEE~!!!..wat can i say~! after those unlucky stuff the beach was the most fun thing..xD

is raining after almost dinner but the bus still stuck so the boss restaurant n the hotel restaurant borrow us car to send us to restaurant n eat n send bk..

den night time we walk to the turtle santury very dark we use touch we walk there then de worker took a basket or baby i see ady go donate some money to the SAVE TURTLE FUND..den the worker took us to the beach *not allowing touch light cz the turtle will follow* so we walking in the dark rely dark den we line up in 1 line n the guy giv us the turtle...when gimme the turtle SO GELI~~!! XD soft soft 1..SO CUTE!!! n is keep movng o.o so i keep catching it n finally it fell on the sand..haha..den i faster catch it again..catch ady n continue holding..n i named it Flippo..=D..den when the worker say can let go n all of us let go our turtle n wishing dem can b healthy n safely grown cute..haha..miss Flippo x]

so when we walking back i keep seeing the sky cz the sky is full of stars~~ soooo nice~! after that when walking i knock my head..youch! n went to room continue playing cards =D den become pig again..

morning i woke up at 7:45 n hv breakfast..mmmm~~ n start packing my stuff back...the troller came n bus can drive we went to the bus ady lorr..

after that we went to batil show us the making of batik..n...uumm..some store to buy it? stuff not bad..but some expensive if as a sovenier x]...

den lunch time eat chicken rice...not bad lor the chicken...but den other stuff sold out ady...soo..oni eat chicken..zZz

den we went to some some dragon temple...but den i nvr went down..i sleep inside the bus cz is boring ..zZz...den continue sleep untill the beach...but beach i aso nvr went down cz i been to the beach b4...normal old beach laa..

den went to buy ham yu...blah blah..n dinner...finish dinner reach home lorr...bout 11:30 reach home...yawn~!

end of trip...btw...the oni sovenier i got is shell...heh heh..

so saturday night..there's some some fireworks competition at Putrajaya n that nite was we went...but den traffic jam o.o so we stop at road side n walk..we walk until 1 high bridge hoping that we can see it..we're the first who came..den starting ppl follow us n come we waited untill 10 for the start of fireworks..but den suddenly we heard the sound n saw ntg o.o so we walk further to see...den oni noe is been blocked by a big building..damn it == stupid fireworks play so to see?!?!?!? shessh~...den suddenly my uncle told me TV3 playing live fireworks n i was like...WAT THE ****!! NOOOO!!!! T_T so sad...dissapointment...sob sob...aihz..fine..but nex fireworks I WANNA SEE!!! I DON CAREEE I WANNNA SEEEEEE

n Da Good News Is~~! my dad bought a car n today 3pm will get it..WHEE~!! NEW CAR TO SIT!!

End Of Post


Read it over n over again!


CZ IS THE HOLIDAY! N CZ...i hv ntg else to do? xD~!!

so jz re-read tt junk...untill u rely cant find


whee~!!! and...


~+*+~ Happy Holidays To You All~!! ~+*+~


Mendaki Bukit (Satuday) + Go People Kampung (Sunday) = Body Aching (Monday)

wah..long time no post liao..'s a part for errm..amanda...guess she rely angry..hahah


errm...i donno wat to scold...i think others let amanda scold?


bk to the daki bukit =]* is gonna b a short 1 la*

morning : woke up late n hv no breakfast...again..x] so i went waiting for bus den went to bus wif my pjk the bus oni me wearing tt...sooo...veli veli weird..hahaha

den went to tapak perhimpunan as usual around first lorh...

den started perhimpunan like out of all of the student of SMK SM oni 1/8 student came..the place is like soooo spacy...form 4 group no come...form 3 oni some came..form 2 barely saw...n form 1 the most as usual n i donno y they come for..

after perhimpunan...someone call KPJ member who goin for daki bukit...den we went out lorh..n made to group..den teacher giv us 20 min for breakfast at canteen but canteen havent even cook so i hv no chance to eat 2 pack of apolo oni...sad -.-!!

so after tt we went bus stop n wait for bus...when bus come oni noe tt's the bus tt i went to school or bk from school everyday? is the same bus -.-!! darn it...rm5 n get tis bus..."worth" it..haha the bus we were chatting, singing, n mostly shouting..haha

reach n mr.chew lead us to do warm up n stretching..

den here we 1...wah..tired enough...

lv 2...starting no stregth n my lips gone white wif my dizzy head? O.O so i told leader n leader gave me sweet n let me rest...n i continue climbing..

climbed to lv 3...n i hv strength ady when goin down..n full of energy tt type -.-!! weird huh...haha..

n...we wait bus in the house at daki kaki there la..den Samuel took his dog here n none of them tell me tt the dog is there -.-!! I WANNA SEE THE DOGGG!! ISSS SOOOO DARNNN CUTEEE T_T i wanna see T_T~!

so..bus came n...tada =.= we when bk to school wif raining weather

nite time went dinner wif big uncle n small aunty..den we went The Curve to lepak...lepak - lepak n saw small uncle wif some went small uncle house n sit sit yam cha...until bout 12 oni went bk home..think bout 1 oni i slept

Kampung *tis 1 aso short 1 lar...i don rely hv mood to write*

woke up morning 6 n prepare...

about 7/8 reach Uncle Alan house n hade breakfast..yumm

n bout 10 leave the house n vrooom~! to the kampung..

i not sure wat they hv at their journey cz for tt 3 hours i were sleeping in the car like a piggeh~!

den reach there we ate durian, mangosteen, rambutan etc..

soo..we walked the orchard n walk till half got tired..

so Uncle Alan walk back n drive the jip to take us a ride..WHEE~!!! TREES ON THE HEAD *everyone squad fun*

n...came more.. n..well...bath n i sleep in the living room chair again cz too tired...

woke up n is time to go..

went in car..sleep again..HAHAHA...i donno wat am i there for aso..

sleep sleep sleep..mayb too tired >.<

end of post la...i don wanna type anymore


Behind The Scene Of Wong Boon Choon * i think i spell correctly * we all know...

Wong Boon Choon is a boy in SMK Seri Mutiara 1 Efektif class being a monitor. We also know that he has lots n lots of FAT CELL. He always ask question in class. He get the best result in the whole form 1 of SMK Seri Mutiara


Here's Behind The Scene Of THE STUPID JERK\

Behind The Scene

he...questions in class? nope..he showing off infront of teacher..

his not asking in a tis way like we asked : teacher, wat's cell?


yes -.- n tis irritated me for almost 7 months...n is at every time period that we go...he sure ATLEAST ask 5 questions..shesshh



not only that...he go make me n my frens innocently get innocent!!! BLARHHH == ok i'm KPJ meeting up after me n my frens went up to put our bag n went back down...after those blarh blarh blarh..we havent go up cz we hv to write our name n so on...but then huey yi n amanda fong ady went up *they from 1F* so we wrote our name n theirs...when we went back up..we pass by 1F n told the 2 girls to bring some stuff for KPJ cz they went up early n donno nid bring wad. so we jz say say say n then went in to class...that moment teacher havent come we sit back down...n half way of the lesson...teacher suddenly call our name out..n we were like...shock -.- sooo...went out..saw the wrote there :

blarh blarh some on.. n then Hor Kah Mun, Lau Mei Kei, Law Siew Wei > Keluar kelas tanpa pass...we were like WAT THE!?!?!?!? then we faster ask when

then teacher ask that stupid idiot come n he say we went out today morning...we were like all so furious n tell teacher : CIKGU! KITA PERGI KPJ MEET UP! then teacher was like..ohhh...then tt idiot talk again : tapi cikgu, mereka habis meet up tak ada masuk kelas dengan segera *his malay not that good..i put tt segera XD* . Then us again *or u can say me cz i'm the first 1 who get called out* : CIKGU! KAWAN KITA TADI PUN DI KPJ TAPI MEREKA KE ATAS AWAL DAN TAK TAU MAU BAWA APA! KITA KE SITU DENGAN DIA CAKAP! *n my added 1 in my heart* : EVEN IF WE WAIT FOR UR STUPID PASS THAT STUPID MEETING ALREADY OVER! HOW THE HELL DO U WAN US TO GET PASS! EVEN WE REACH THE CLASS ASO U HAVENT COME!! angry XP...somemore...HE VERY VERY SELFISH! infront of teacher..when students asking teacher..he " help " teacher to answer...but when we ask him...he jz stairs at u n jz look away...IS THAT JERK OR WAT!?!?!

tis is another story from fren named : girl 1 XD

girl 1 was like doin her maths hw by calculator...well...main reason is bcz...most of us in our class r...well...XD lazy..XP so we ussually use calculator if we can..heh heh...then the idiot pass by girl 1..he saw the question..n go talk or so called shouted : easy aso need stupid! SUCH A SHOW OFF! WAT!?! JZ BCZ U GET FIRST IN FORM 1 DOESNT MEAN OTHER NOE IT U STUPID! THINK WISELY! EVEN NOW AT THE SCHOOL GATE GOT THE WORD : smart ppl talk less

HV U EVER TALK LESS!?!?!? NOOOO~~~ =.=!!!!! U GOT HIGH IQ..SO WAT!??! U GOT 0% OF EQ!!

yesterday there are ********* nid count..i simply put those i dun wanna say who was inside my class...jaga kelas la...but weird thing is the ppl who shouldnt be here aso there -.- *which is the one who nvr jaga our class*

so we were like doin boring...then suddenly Boy#1 gave me a paper n call me write those bad things bout the stupid we were like WHEEE~!!! write write write! then tt boy#1 say that monitor got make boys " parts " a lot of time!! ewwwh == n always go see girls " place " soooooo we were like furios...WRITE WRITE WRITE...

then after teacher came...the ppl giv mr.chew the paper...n he read it...but then...untill the lesson is over..HE DIDNT DID ANY ACTION!! well count him lucky..for yesterday...



End Of Carmen's Angry Post XP

~ Carmen

Daniel Boy(my lil baby cousin) 1 year old burfday, 1 Day Trip Sungai Lembing

daniel boy cake..buh bye =.= there's ntg to say? such a cute lil boy XD...N IT CALL ME JIE JIE!! n call my bro too? HAHAHAH*the boy jz learn to talk n out of so many cousin first 1 call me =D isn't that AMAZING!?!?! XD )

so about 11.45 we leave house n to the the bus i hardly get to sleep thx to the lil kid put his chair so low tt i cant even move my leg =.= then i cant stand it n told the aunty tt her child chair too low =.= thenn...she jz move it higher...i think i oni sleep for 1-2 hour...5 we woke up n climb up to mountain lembing...atcually..walk up XD quite tiring...but then we walk walk...FINALLY REACH THE TOP...but then tt time still dark..n we saw clouds me...the clouds like covering everything down there n the oni thing u see down there is clouds, clouds, n more a amazing view...then we still saw moon...n lots of star..n we were like seeing... then the sun broke dome n 1 side is bright another side is dark n down there is clouds? CAN U IMAGINE THAT!?!?!? wow..XD then the sun slowly come up...WHEE~! EVERYBODY TAKING PIC~! TAKE VIDEO~! TAKE EVERYTHING THERE IS~! i mean...continue take pic =P then..the sun came up...we took pic..i took a pic holding the sun? XD

then walk bk down...i lazy to say so much cause most of the time i sleeping inside the bus...let's jz say we went lots of temple, got go beach n dinner...blah =.= aobut 10 reach home...tada -.-

that's all i can say for the first week of holidays? second week...i got no plan XD...soooo...that's all lor...

buh bye~

~ Carmen ~

Amanda Birthday Party~

sooo...forgot to tell that the camp about 7 oni reach home...n 8 i oledi went to bed n zZz..XD

nex day - Friday ( short post )

amanda birthday party...n...omg =.= that week like whole week programme...i waited my mom lunch time n take me there...2 oni i leave house to her house...

whee~! vrrooom~~ break...stopp...traffic light...turning right turning left...n~! reach the guard house..hahaha..then he ask r we goni to house num 43? n i was like...wth? how the heck he noe...n...we drive in...reach n i was like O.O y r the house all so big? anyway...i went there...i saw 3 "monkeys" was at third floor waving me? hahahaha...they were like...HELLO CARMEN~! ALOOOO~! FASTER COME PLAY~! n i was...? yup...ntg to say XD then i went in n wow? is normal...hahaha...went to highest...say hi to her sis, frens, n the teethless brother XD

then we started playing in the more...went playground by bike...melompak there by bike..n..whee~! bike bike bike...haha...then dinner time went to mcdonald...4 of us ate Filet O Fish? XD n amanda mother bought the mcdonald pillow for us...o.o? i not yet giv her present her mom already giv us? =D then i was like keep playing wif amanda's Nintendo DS Light? (hahahahaha..i simply spell it...simply type punya...but i noe DS is correct) the game is nice..i love it...that time Go Go Trendy i aso saw amazing XD

after about 10.30 already? n my dad at front door already? n i was like...awww...goin back? T.T..okay..buh bye~


Mr.Gan Camp 30~31 May 2007


30 - 5 - 2007

morning...went to SMK Taman Connaught for gathering. Gathered. Go In Bus, Sang, Reach, go another sort of van or lorry to take us to Dusun Eco Resort n...WALA~! reach =D isn't it easy..haha

soo...we reach n teacher talk some stuff then we started to play game...the game is like...using ur towel cover ur eye..then teacher will seperated ur group *group is seperated by forms* then u hv to find ur self..everyone eye is close so u'll b like...knocking here n there by ppls...ouch =.= anyway...i think form 3 or 4 won tt game...thennnn....they aso got sing Negaraku...blah blah something those stuff laa...then we sing sing sing~ sing sing more~ sing more more~ then we get our bed..n finally opstical coarse*donno how it spell* time...

is like SOOO fun? XD at first...we hv to climb the wall..then got walking on ropes...n 1 time i was like waiting for my turn...teacher call me go first...then he went behind me n SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE THE ROPE...HAND ROPE LEG ROPE ALL SHAKE...everyone on the rope waas like shaking to the front, shaking to the back, shaking shaking shake ur whole time a few ppl fall..but then i didn't =D lucky me..muahahahah...even when other boys on down there they trying to take out my shoe...i was wearing sneaker then they pulling out my front button*shoe* n i was like..WTH!?!?! HOW TO WALK LIKE idiotic "dog" aso go push my leg...i say in not pushing the rope...HE PUSH MY WHOLE LEG N TT MAY CAUSE ME FELL WIF INJURY!! HE IS SUCH A BRAINLESS BOY! SUCH IDIOT...puff -.- let's dun let tis idiot spoild our mood..soo...we continue...blahhh...continue la...i lazy to say now my hands n leg r all...pain =.= pain =.= n more pain =.=

then tea time...n WATER TIME~! we went..played water polo...played the old tradisional game - Monkey...n aso...splashing...n played quite a long time n the water is freaking cold...then we again listen teacher talk...

then b4 talent time...i n my partner danced cha cha..danced n talent time~ got dancing, singing, gimnastic, chinese gasing & some talking 1...quite funny XD

then time to teach cha cha...n we also got dance lots of dances..

then about 1am our free time..i stay till bout 3 oni went to sleep..

31 - 5 - 2007

sooo..nex day 8.30 woke up automaticly =D wash face, brush teeth...went for breakfast - fried mee & fried rice plus hot coffee...we were eating n chat eat chat n suddenly Carol shouted : OMG~! then everyone on the same table was like looking at her =.=|| then she say got ant...we were like -.- wth? then she ant in the mee...then everyone straight away look at their on plate O.O everyone was like...wth? ant!?! eww man...but then still eat...another girl say there's ant too -.- so everyone was like lost appetite n dun wanna eat anymore -.-

soo...we went for second opstical course...quite fun =D after that...teacher call us go to flying fox...n everyone was like WOO HOO~! HURRAY~! we walk up to the stairs...*puff puff* but then not so long la..jz quite short...walk on top rest a while...then we hv to walk the hanging tall? so long? so...scary? XD but then...we still walk~ walking till 1/4...some of them started to b the form 2 ppl sang "朋友" then we followed to sing.. la la la~ but then finish singing is still not even 2/4...n everyone was like WHY THE HECK IT IS SO LONG!?!??! anyway...the girl infront of me was like...freaking out? n so is the back then is started to sing ABC to calm them down n call them sing together..n we're all singing kids song~ WHEE~! so fun...hahaha...continue walking walking...FINALLY WE REACH...

n walk not so far away...we reach the flying fox...wheeeeee~!

we look down n we were like...omg? so...still looking foward n the girl infront of me (girl#1) was still AHHH~! OMG~!! SO SCARE~! ARGHH~! I WANNA GO BACK~! MOMMY~!! =.= such idiot n girl#2 ( girl behind of me ) was like calming her down? like real oni...she aso at there freaking out... n me n girl#3 was like fooling around there...ngek ngek ngek XD...then we say it n her will b the last 1 to go down...when we go..all of them mz b at down there waving their hands while girl#3 when we went down...she started to sing wif her eye close...n mine was like...spinning? o.0? wth? mine was like looking backward ady sooo..i jz wave to the top ppl..heh heh...then when i turn it back..i saw them waving there...WHEE~! time i cant stop laughing...n the girl#3 was like singing so freakng loud...dono wat the hell is wrong wif her...when we reach down..we say tq for supporting us...blah blah like on a concert..heh heh..i noe is lame..XD then all went down n everyone was like SO HIGH..haha

whee~! lunch time now...i forgotten wat we eat but then is quite nice =D after yumm yumm...we went to dewan for gathering...we're gonna play TRESSURE HUNT~

Tressure Hunt - The Pirates Of The Carribean

is the name XD sooo...let's start =D each team got RM1000...on the table there's stuff like : sponge, matches, match box, balloon, compass, tourch light, food n etc (i forgotten..heh heh) n u hv to buy it help to solve ur problem

first round : go to basketball court,some member go take balloon n fill water...leader go get the clue ( clue = use it when u cant solve the game ) n run bk to basketball court...everyone reach..then 1 VS 1 team WATER BALLOON FIGHT~! like each team (there's 6 team ) there's a paper on the floor...u cant sit on it or use anything to cover it...opponent will use their water balloon n throw towards ur paper...n u'll hv to use ur own brain to try to save ur paper from getting wet...n i was 1 of the like BEEE~(whistle blow) n everyone was like RUNNING~! SHOOT~! SPLASH~! there goes my pants...soke wet...untill out of balloon n the whistle blow again...teacher check...out of 6 teams...only got 1 team there's A LITTLE BIT dry spot..haha..lucky them...soo...they got the clue n RUN LIKE A WIND~! then teacher say if the other team wanna get their nex round clue...hv to think of a my team was like...errmm errm...let's jz say...GREEN TEAM GREEN TEAM SURE WIN! n we say it n we get it XD...such smart ppl we r..heh heh..

second round : we get n we hv to go to some place place...n try to save a girl...the girl was like tie on the hand n leg but not so tight we use our matches to burn it n she told us the clue was behind the house...we were like...o.o? behind? OKAY OKAY..JZ GO FIND...then looking here n there...full of trees n grasses n our paper was so hard to find =.= then she ask we got buy food or not..if got then let her eat n she'll say where it is..but then we didn't buy cz trying to save money here..heh heh..then she say wat about sing a song together? then i was like suddenly faster sing 两只老虎 then they sing together too...then she told us the clue is somewhere over that side? we look look..n i was like looking near the house? suddenly there's a paper under the wall ( wall is like made of steel those type 1 part come out another part flat 1.. ) so i was like OMG~! THERE IT IS!! then everyone YESS~! sooo...we read n....

third round : have to go to the pondok beside our dewan...the aunty there giv us 1 paper wif lots of word?...she told us we hv to find a place which we is the next round is...but then we were like looking looking looking...cant find? so she told us there's 3 name...n everyone was like OHHH~! OKAY OKAY~! very easy..we found it..heh heh..

fouth round : we go somewhere near the basketball court n the second opstical course there n teacher gave us a paper full of maths question...ewww!!! we count count count...then go 1 of the opstical course there to find the answer number...found it by the question..behind got word..u see n there's another island name...

fifth round : go that island *dewan inside* n teacher say our clue is somewhere there? we were looking for SOOO LONG MAN~! when we find suddenly a girl from our team say she found it...she open n we all seeing...n we were like WTH!??! IS EMPTY!! O.O zha dao! teacher say we all kena fool! so we were like...arghhh...continue looking...finally teacher tell us is inside the dewan at stage we find find n someone look behind the white board..n whee~!...

sixth round : we ran to beside the swimming pool...there's a green land there...GREAT! MORE GREEN! n find find find...tis aso wasted a lot of hard to find cz the place was like quite big...n when everyone almost give up we found it XD n is at the swimming pool? teacher was like keep calling us to check izzit correct...we keep see n even show to teacher...IS CORRECT!! then teacher check her paper...then she ask us wat group...recheck her paper..then she team so fast...ur team should b the last 1 to come but then now is like 2nd or 3rd to came already n we were WOO HOO~! YEAA~! GREAT! then teacher say fill the water without any cups or cans into the pail till the line n without moving the pail...the pail was like 3 steps away from the swimming pool...the girls took their handcachieve *dunno how to spell* n i was like doin the job while they looking? o.0? then leader call all boys take their shirts out n help to collect the water...we were like...FASTER FASTER *puff puff* FASTER FASTER * DARN! SO TIRED! CHANGE PPL!* n continue...puffffff....finally reach ady teacher gave us the nex round clue paper

seventh round : we hv to go captain there...the paper u hv to sort of burn but dun burn it to see the words..then we use candle n erm...panggang it? quite hard...then..i lazy to descript so much...let's jz say..we took a very very long time, n borrow some money from captain to buy the matches...n finally we oni can see half of the paper? then a teacher came to help us...then oni we noe hv to take a green silver sword from a teacher n giv it to captain...then we saw a teacher holding swords behind her n we ask n she trying to waste our time but still giv it to us XD when we gave to captain n follow wat captain blah blah blah...suddenly a team came bk n TEACHER TEACHER~! WE FOUND THE TRESSURE~! TEACHER~!!! n we were like looking cz tt time we jz wanna get the LAST CLUE TO NOE WHERE THE TRESSURE IS...DARNN~!! n we were looking n o.0? o least we hv fun =D then we was like lying on the dewan floor n WAAA...SO TIRED XD n wait other team come bk hahaha...XD

there was the tressure hunt...after tt is time for feeling times? blah blah blah..the ussual lor...tq teacher...learn a lot stuff...n so on~

then we go tea time~ tea time is like...aso nice but then i donno wat those stuff call XD let's jz eat..heh heh...after eating teacher say take bag go dewan then we were fast go bk? T.T so sad...

after sadding...we went up the lorry go bk down n went to the bus -.- bus....most ppl slept...some ppl play...some ppl chat..n some ppl fooling around...hahaha...

reach SMK Taman Connaught...then buh bye...T.T